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August 1st, 2002
Land of Wandering Souls

About the Film

“Land of Wandering Souls” follows a group of workers who are laying a high-tech fiber optic cable that will link Cambodia to the rest of Asia and Europe. The project is a hopeful symbol of the country’s slow integration into the world community and the modern technological age. However, for the people employed to actually dig the trench by hand — a group of rice farmers, ex-soldiers, and their families, the poorest of the poor — the work is a mixed blessing. This film provides a haunting glimpse into the lives of these indigent workers as they encounter the painful remnants of the past – mines, bones, and a landscaped littered with human suffering – and labor to bring Cambodia into the modern age.

  • Eric Allen

    This program has stuck with me ever since watching it almost 7 years ago. It provides a great deal of perspective when ever I feel burdened by an injustice in my American middle-class life.

  • shamsa

    well, it all boils down to –>someone has to do it. Let us face the cold hard truth.If noone does it, who will?

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