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July 29th, 2008
Lord's Children
Video: Victims Fight to Heal

When wars end and peace agreements are signed, countries must often confront the heinous realities of battle.

Healing takes place on local and national levels. In some African communities, tribal cleansing ceremonies welcome former combatants back into the community. Truth and reconciliation commissions scour countrysides and refugee camps to collect wartime stories to better understand the casualties of war, in an attempt to unite and move forward as a nation.

WIDE ANGLE visits the Liberian community on Staten Island and speaks with Mike Wessells, a psychologist who has worked with war-affected youth in over 15 situations of armed conflict, including Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

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Photos of spiritual cleansing ceremony courtesy of Lindsey Stark.

  • Gerri

    I am glad that the Kony horror has left Uganda. Now to capture them in DRC to put an end to their evildoing. What horrors they hae wreaked.

  • Edwin Harrison

    I agree it’s an awful situation, lets not forget the Black man has been captured and forced into terrible extistences for centuries. While I’m deeply saddened by this it seems like propaganda.

  • Patricia Grant

    Hi, I know that this doesn’t pretend to this story, but can you all do a documentary on Mr. Otis Redding, please? thank -you and God bless;

  • Lorenda Hansen

    I watched the episode of the lords children last night, I have not been able to stop thinking of the stories that were told that these young people endured in their time. It was a tragedy even after they came home. I deeply admire the counclers as well as the film producers seen in the video. I hope to keep learning more of the services of wide angle or whatever the program is called and someday be involved in a program like this.

  • Susan Weinzapfel

    My sister in law is in northern Uganda since June working with these children and all the people, including the child mothers. She first went there 3 summers ago on a church mission, and told about children having to sleep overnight in shelters to keep from being abducted by the LRA. She is working with the child mothers. This all is so true. If you want to help this please follow the PBS links to help these children and the people in northern Uganda.

  • Valerie Windom

    Your program was very touching. I feel the brokeness of the children who endured so much horror and to be made to do these awful things to another human being. I pray for there healing.

  • mary ready

    The horrible things that happen there and other places will only stop when people follow the real Lord Jesus prayers are with them all.

  • shalonda thomas


  • frank

    why all video no transcript attached ? if have , good for foreigner people.thanks !

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