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July 11th, 2011
Pickles, Inc.

About the Film

In the Arab Israeli village of Tamra, in Galilee, widows lead a cloistered and restricted life, and often live below the poverty line, struggling to raise their children on a monthly social security allowance from the state. But in February 2003, eight widows of Tamra decided to challenge convention by starting up a business venture — the Azka Pickle Cooperative — seeking financial independence for themselves and their children. WIDE ANGLE follows these women as they establish a tiny factory for pickling vegetables and develop a market for their product in local stores. With little formal education or work experience outside the home, the women face numerous hurdles as the business struggles to expand to stores throughout Israel — while their personal lives reflect the joys and sadness of family weddings, bereavement, and loneliness. “Pickles, Inc.” portrays this unconventional business start-up and offers rare insight into the lives of courageous women striving to overcome extraordinary obstacles to achieve a better life.

  • Mary Vanderlaan

    Where/how may I purchase this film for classroom use?

  • Wide Angle

    Check our FAQs (under “About the Series”) for information about purchasing Wide Angle episodes for classroom use. Thanks for your interest!

  • Regina Rockwood

    I am trying to show Pickles Inc. and can only seem to get the preview. How do I show the one hour film?

    Thank you
    Regina Rockwood
    Grapevine Colleyville ISD
    Business Teacher

  • thompsonc

    Thank you for your interest. The full episode of Pickles, Inc. is not available online, but you can purchase a copy of the film here:

    Wide Angle staff

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