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January 1st, 2010
Raise the Last Glass

In January 2009, Waterford Crystal went bankrupt. The company’s main factory, in Waterford, Ireland, was closed, and 480 people were fired. Many of them had worked there for more than forty years. But the Waterford workers refused to give up their jobs without a fight. They staged a sit-in that lasted for almost two months, demanding that they get their jobs back or, at the very least, that some manufacturing of this iconic brand remain in Ireland.

FOCAL POINT’s Raise the Last Glass follows two Waterford workers as they fight to save both their jobs and a bit of Irish heritage.

  • patricia

    I don’t understand how a company of this magnituide and quality of workmanship go out of business. Poor sturetshiip. See if the workers can pool and but the company, where their is will their is a way.

  • Whorhay

    @patricia Probably lack of sales in a slow economy. While they do make very nice products I don’t know many people that can afford to buy them, or have the desire to spend that much money on that kind of item.

  • Jenn~

    So sad to see this. My family has collected Waterford for many years. It does cost more, yet it’s the workmanship that draws us as well as the heritage.

  • Joyce

    Before the economy had its problems, those that could afford Waterford, will not be affected. It’s those who couldn’t afford Waterford before the economy still can’t afford Waterford. I don’t think the economy has any affect.
    If someone truly wanted Waterford, and they can afford it, they will still buy WATERFORD

  • cotton johnny

    This is truly a sign of the times. I do hope a cheap knock off does not capitalize on this. The craftsmanship must be passed on and not lost in this world of substandard quality goods.

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