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September 23rd, 2004
Red Lines and Deadlines
Politics and the Press in Iran: Introduction

by Afshin Marashi

Press and politics in Iran have been intertwined from the very beginning of the country’s experiment with modernity. Newspapers and periodicals have served as important forums for Iranians to discuss fundamental questions of social, cultural, and political change. These debates and their historical consequences — including war, famine, foreign invasion, cultural change, and social and political revolution — have all been reflected in the pages of Iranian newspapers, magazines, and journals. As these debates have unfolded over the past two centuries, one thing has remained consistent: the relationship between the state and the press has been one of mutual antagonism, with the press, periodical literature, and other media acting as the voice of criticism and dissent within Iranian society, while the state — whatever its ideological character — has continued its efforts to censor and control those dissenting voices.

Afshin Marashi is an assistant professor in the Department of History at California State University, Sacramento.

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