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September 19th, 2002
Soul of India
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  • Fakir

    Muslim are made out to be victims while Hindu’s are religious biggots.This documentary is slanted in Muslims.
    Why did you not interview people and relatives of people who were torched in train?

  • Christopher Reese

    I think you misunderstood the presentation, my friend. This is not a documentary about Islam and Hinduism, but a warning of militancy. I agree that the RSS and it’s affiliates are portrayed in a dark light, but they are demanding the fall of ancient Muslim mosques out of an ethnic and religious hatred, not of social justice. Yes, those Muslims who attacked the train were murderers, and this is an important factor is the violence, but that was a small unorganized band. The Hindu Alliance is deliberately fostering anti-Muslim sentiment as an official agenda. The Islamic community is not gathering in organizations to fight against the attackers. There lies the difference. Intolerance of a political organization using ethnic and religious pride and loyalty like the Hindu Alliance is no different than the operations of groups like the Al-Qaeda. Both are misrepresenting their respective religions for political gains based on bigotry.

  • arundhati

    Ok do you knowhow many temples in bangladesh was burnt and destroyed when Babri masji was destroyed, do you know how many temples in Jammu and Kashmir was destryoed? those never get reported. do you know how many hindu woman were raped in kolkatta in muslim dominated slums during that period

  • mrithesh

    The program is not about who is at fault. The message that should be got here is that, we as global citizens should realise that there are people on either side of a conflict who always exploit peoples emotions for furthering their control and power. They keep the flame of conflict going on and on. Killing innocents is not the answer.

  • Irfan

    According to official inquiry, the train fire was caused when some passenger tried to cook in the running train.It was not caused by any person from the outside.

  • Shaw

    Is it a judicial finding that those who killed the passengers were Muslims?

    Is it not a dominant and overthuming Hindu Majority, who with the dent of their wealth, power, and influence, want to change the landscape of India to a crude, narrow minded Hindu State, a la, HINDUTA!!

  • Rahul

    Irfan, you are mistaken. I do not support either “religious” group, and their actions. The Muslim mob initiated the burning of the train, which lead to Hindu-Muslim riots throughout the state of Gujarat. This is widely accepted in Justice Nanavati’s report, who was appointed by the Supreme Court of India- the only true neutral entity in India. A passenger trying to cook was NOT the reason behind the fire.

    People in India still bear with them a deep history that is filled with hatred primarily because of the despicable acts commmitted by the Muslim invadors and more recently- the partition of India. Political parties use this divide to their advantage to get either the Hindu vote or Muslim vote. We need to unite as one if we really truly want our country to progress.

  • a hindu

    I think India could never be a narrow minded Hindu state. One thing to keep in mind is that India now has a burgeoning middle class that is educated, wants to progess and doesn’t want to get involved any unlawful activity. Godhra train incident was a massacre and was intitiated by the Muslim millitants (please note the word millitants). But the hindus should’ve never taken a revenge with such vengence. I am a hindu and I don’t believe in this kind of justice. It is true that there are people like Haresh Bhatt throughout India that try to exploit other hindus’ ill feelings towards the muslims in the name of hindutva. But it is nothing more than them trying to establish their (not hindu) power over the society.
    As far as recruiting of people goes, my friend used to go to RSS gatherings. A lot of kids go there just to get money but only a few get brain washed with RSS’s harlined hindu ideology. Government should definitely take action against this activity.
    India has a very long history of communal violence. It goes back to the mugal era. The Barbari mosque was established by invading hindu territory, tearing down a hindu temple and building a mosque there. However, this does not give right to hindus now to tear down the mosques and build temples instead. Most of the hindus and muslims care about their livelihoods, their families and their businesses. So India will never become a hindu state. It is secular and it will always remain so.
    Like every situation, every country, every majority, every riot, every coin, there is other side to this story and that is the killings, rapes, communal violence against hindus also. Nonetheless, violence in all forms against everyone should be strictly condemned regardless of state, religion, majority or the past.

  • Praveen Kumar

    It’s unfortunate that religion – set of doctrines, principles, personal beliefs or theories meant for bringing people closer to Nature/God on installing beautiful mindset, which is full of divine fragrance, glory and unexplained happiness is actually being misinterpreted by many and being used as a weapon of destruction and disaster. This will not stop until people come out of disaster loop and efforts should be on to eliminate any sort of religious/racial/regional/sexual discrimination at grass root level.

    The majority of people who are caught in this disaster loop will have different mindset if scenario is different – going to doctor, watching movie, using products ( do they know who contributed in developing such products ). Here any sort of discrimination will not count as long they are appeasing their souls. Shame on them for their immaturity and hypocrisy.

  • Nee 609

    I second “a hindu”, this is exactly what i think is the truth about India. Education is the biggest thing which can help and which is already helping indians (note it, I said Indians, this can be Hindu, Muslim or anyone) to come out of all these things and use their mind in right way.Money flowing in Indian economy for last decade has definitly helped middle class which in past were easy victims of brain wash.


    as long as muslims in india don’t realise that their patorns in sadui, pakistan and other muslim countries only want to halt indias (hindus, muslims, christians etc.) progress and march towards super power status they will themselves bleed and bleed other peace loving people. if muslims in india think that they will be welcomed by both hands in saudi or pakistan then my brothers you are living in a fools paradise. there are lot of muslims (indian) living in saudi and are being treated even badly than the hindus. you will gain respect in your own identity that is indian, if you seek glory from others way of life you would always be a stone in their meal. dont forget india is our land and arabia is our invaders. if you betray you motherland god will betray you when you need him the most. wake up to the evil design of these hypocrates who are using you to further their selfish interest in the name of a religion which is not indian. arab culture is for them not for us. if you try to copy them you will get lost and will be devoid of any identity. may god give you thinking power instead of blindly following the stupid saudi and paki funded mullas. jai hind

  • Krishna

    R.Sunil, you speak as though this is simply the fault of muslim indians, nothing can be further from the truth. The problem is violence after violence. As soon as you raise your sword to avenge you show yourself as a murderer yourself. Education and working together is what is true dharma for all. The rest is simply madness. The only intolerance to be embraced is intolerance toward intolerance. We must be fiercely intolerant of anyone who is intolerant, that is the only crime worth punishing in all this.

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