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August 28th, 2007
The Dying Fields
Video: Full Episode
  • Sourav Basu

    An excellent documentary! Covered every aspect of the Vidharbha predicament. I wish the apathy of the state and the union govt. to the situation had been highlighted more.

  • jay Singh

    The problem of haves and have-nots will never go away. Millions are ending up in dust everyday and nobody cares…Is this the India we are hoping for?

  • S.Kesh

    In this video only a portion of problem is discussed. Indians know but they keep on forgetting that foreigners always had looted them for a long time. At least from Alexander’s time onwards Indians have been subject to foreign invasions and control. All the kings and local rulers before the British came, also slaved poor Indians to build wealth, which primarily benefited foreigners. The Hindu caste system itself is a product of this process that they made working people to an animal level and used them as such. It still continues to some form in some part of India. The ruling class made all kind of techniques to make people poor and god believers. Worshipping is big thing in India even today. India is full of temples, mosques and churches. They spend all the money and time for it, which I believe a massive waste of energy and effort of people. It makes people incapable to solve problems but to hope for blessings from god. It also made them a lazy society that they are not able to quickly respond in case of an emergency. There is little or no contribution to the world from the Indians in general other than yoga, meditation and cheap labor especially after they started running their own country. When the British left, the agents of foreign countries took charge in Indian politics and it continues today. All political parties are extremely corrupt; there were numerous cases of corruption in the past in different states against ruling ministers but all of them ended up in favor to them and they come back to power again. The billions spent from government revenue, IMF-World Bank etc. loans could not make big difference in the life of average Indians because all the money stolen from the funds invested outside the country. Recent news reports also revealed largest deposit in Swiss banks was from India. You can see so many wealthy Indians who own prime real estate, big name franchises and other businesses through out North American cities and Europe. The illegal money made in India comes here in dollars, and then turn it into a business-income with some business they start, which becomes clean money. It is all the sweat and blood of poor Indians driven away by their own greedy politicians and big businesses that have connections in foreign countries. It is not an Indian technique but practiced by many smarts from Philippines, Iran, Iraq, Saudis, Afghans, Pak, Sri Lanka and many other third-world countries. It is hard for the people to break these barriers and change the setup because their own leaders trapped them already into miseries. Philippines is an example as we all know how the Marcos looted them and eventually what happened to Marcos family and the Philippines.

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