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August 8th, 2002
The Empty ATM
Data: History, Money, and Argentina
Aug. 1998 Argentina’s worst recession in decade; unemployment hits 15 percent.
Dec. 2001 Default on $155 billion of debt — world’s largest. Pres. de la Rua resigns.
Jan. 2002 Peronist Eduardo Duhalde becomes interim president. Peso decoupled from dollar.
April 2002 Banking and currency operations stop.
June 2002 Police kill two in anti-IMF/govt. demonstration.
July 2002 Early elections called for March 2003..
  • DBG

    another great presentation by wide angle.

    oddly, the producer seems to have failed to explain exactly why and how argentina actually fell into the initial recession and what caused the country to default on the $155 billion of debt.

    it would be nice to see an update to this entire program in light of the present day problems in the u.s.a.

    perhaps that’s a story for next season.

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