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July 18th, 2002
To Have and Have Not
Video: Full Episode
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  • alshirsawy

    thank you for this amzing program.

  • ana rodriguez

    love your program

  • Carolina Diaz

    I am so happy to hear of the viewer who sponsored the girls education. I hope that more people can be inspired by her. I know that I am.

  • David

    Is there an update available on the people in the program? For example, regarding Li Xiuying’s experience in High School and if she will attend University. It would be a great follow-up program.

  • Milton Lau

    2009 Feb 19
    Its been seven years since this documentary aired, I’m most cuious as to how well that young lady has fared.
    And that fellow working his way up (the former teacher), is he where he wants to be, its been almost ten years.


  • abraham

    great program .. thank you Wide Angle. that last part really made me cry .. would love to see an update if possible

  • Viveka

    That was absolutely brilliant, eye opening, and well made. Glad to know someone is making something worth watching.

  • Chris

    Where is this program?!? I use to teach a history class — and watched it just Friday in fact. Please bring it back!!

  • thompsonc

    Thank you for your interest. Wide Angle is now producing a five-part documentary series, called Women, War & Peace, that is planned for broadcast next fall.

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