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July 11th, 2011
Turkey's Tigers

Turkey sits at a cultural and geographic crossroads where the Eastern and Western worlds meet. Historically a devoutly Muslim country, Turkey — from the volatile eastern Kurdish region near the Iraqi border, to the industrial central region of Anatolia, to the world-class city of Istanbul — is today anything but homogeneous. As it enters what may be the final chapter in its 40-year quest to join the European Union, Turkey remains a country many Westerners still struggle to understand.

In this episode’s essay, Christopher Caldwell examines the issues facing Turkish society in the new millennium, and gives his perspective on a country at a key turning point in its history.

  • demet turker

    It’s funny to see two sides of the same thing that are totally different. It’s a good documentary since it’s really objective and gives the same amount of time to both sides. But the cartoonist Salih Memecan is not the right person to talk about EU or politics since he doesn’t really answer the questions but say whatever he has on his mind whether it is relevant to the answer or not.

  • Sezen

    I agree with everything Salih tells/answers and I know lots of people who thinks in the same way. So, I think he was the right person to talk to…

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