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February 11th, 2009
Underground Zimbabwe
Life Lines

Once considered the “breadbasket of Africa,” Zimbabwe is now struggling to feed its population. It is estimated that nearly half of Zimbabwe’s 11 million people are teetering on the brink of starvation. Supplies of basic commodities such as flour, milk, cooking oil and water are running desperately low — and are increasingly impossible to afford. In Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city, this has resulted in empty grocery store shelves — and a thriving, illegal black market. In Zimbabwe’s Life Lines, we witness the shortages of food and water firsthand and meet a young man who survives by working on the black market.

  • Nicole Geiger

    This is a terrific and important program. It brings the real tragedy of Zimbabwe to life. Thank you for producing and presenting this

  • Ram Guzman

    Wow. Great storytelling!

  • Geoff Grose

    The ONLY solution is for the outside world to transport Mugabe to the Hague and to charge him with crimes against humanity. He is terrified of the prospect. He is being protected by his African neighbours.

  • Sourav Basu

    Its still hard to imagine how inflation can get so high! Does the country have economists at all?

    Woes of Zimbabwe….very well portrayed in this presentation!!

  • Mr. Doubtree

    The ONLY solution is to end socialism. It is the most dangerous idea ever thought of.

  • Ryan

    Interesting place as well as all of Africa. It seems with this documentary it would show why Africa has so many different issues with their society. With almost all the population being poor, I would think becoming a pirate, selling blackmarket goods, and engaging in illegal activites is quite popular to make a buck.

  • T Pambweyi

    The situation has now improved mainly due to dollarisation and the GPA in force. However Zimbabwe has not yet reached its previous good days. We only hope for the best and plan for the worst

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