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February 11th, 2009
Underground Zimbabwe
Photos of Life in Bulawayo

A resident of Bulawayo took these photographs to document the effects of hyperinflation on Zimbabwe’s second largest city. Click on a photo to begin the slideshow.

  • Prosizer

    it’s so fun..thanks for the pic.. i enjoy this pic so much :)

  • peter gorman

    how sad bulawayo is now . i lived there and went to northlea school before working in the post office in 1950/1961


    no wonder everything will be fine soon it will go back to its normal position

  • Russell Penton

    very sad i can see alot of people have not been back lately.The place is a mess,parents still live in bullies

  • Simon Hatfield

    We can only hope that Zimbabwe recovers, the citizens of that country will determine its’ future.

  • Nash

    If we had a chance to subjected Americans or British citizens to this kind of economy and political system you probably wouldn’t see anything alive or intact….they would kill each-other and destroy everything in the process of survival.
    Friend of mine here in Boston told me a joke: What is the difference btw. me and homeless man he asked?….three paychecks is the answer…
    Zimbabwean nation passed the test of resilience and faith. They can expect only better times when present politicians leave the scene..

    Nash, Boston

    P.S. Very, very white European gentlemen.

  • ntando

    which current politicians? ,mdc,zanu or those who are actually and truthfully responsible(britain and friends) for the mess.

  • Allan

    O.K. We can all agree that colonialism was horrid and that Africans should be in charge of their own destiny. However fear, hunger, oppression, nepotism and a lack of human decency are the qualities that exist today in Zimbabwe. Where will it all end and when will all Zimbabweans have the opportunity to live a full and productive life?

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