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July 10th, 2007
Victory Is Your Duty
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  • Terris

    Thank you so much for accurately capturing the essence of Cuban sports in general but more specifically,I feel you did the Cubans who may never see this film great justice by telling their story to those in the much more cushioned life of the first world. Boxing is the toughest sport to make it in….and for you guys to show what kind of sacrifice an athlete and their family must make in order to hope for a better life in Cuba is priceless. No one else would care enough or know enough to ever gain this perspective if not for filmmakers such as yourselves…Thank You!



  • Nakia Caesh

    Thank you for this documentary – the fight for life is real – I have a sincere respect for these young men and their famlies – I will be watching in 2012

  • hshiel

    How to do wtach Victory Is Your Duty

  • Chris

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  • mike

    that was a great documentary!

  • feltzr
  • feltzr

    Victory is Our Duty is not available for purchase, but you can watch the entire episode here:
    For purchasing other Wide Angle episodes, you can visit:

  • David

    Hi, the video won’t play for me, I think because I am in Australia.

    Can we buy a dvd of this?

    Thank you

  • feltzr

    Hello David,

    We only have distribution rights to air these episodes in the United States. You can buy episodes here:

  • Courtney Martin

    I totally lovee this videoo !(: shoutout to my Geography teacher , Mr Lindgren , it’s the first interesting video he has showed us !(:

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