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June 19th, 2009
Tonight on Bill Moyers Journal: Leymah Gbowee and Abby Disney

Fourteen years into Liberia’s bloody civil war, Leymah Gbowee had had enough. Gbowee, a 33-year-old mother of five, spearheaded a movement of Christian and Muslim women who joined together to force the warring factions to the negotiating table.

Gbowee’s story, and the story of the thousands of courageous Liberian women who came together to bring peace to their shattered country, is chronicled in Pray the Devil Back to Hell a film by Gini Reticker and Abby Disney, which will kick off the upcoming WIDE ANGLE mini series, Women, War & Peace. The series challenges the conventional wisdom that war and peace are male domains, and places women at the center of an urgent dialogue about conflict and security in the post-Cold War era, where globalization, arms trafficking, and illicit trade have intersected to create a whole new type of war.

Tonight, Bill Moyers Journal profiles Gbowee and Disney. Check your local listings for air times, or watch online after the broadcast.

Here’s a preview of Pray the Devil Back to Hell:

Sorry, this video is not available.
  • larry

    This may be a preview of Iran’s future.

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