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All Posts Tagged With: "Palestine"

World Links: 1.3 Million Pakistanis Flee Fighting, Indians Choose New Government

A roundup of links to local stories of global importance from around the world.

May 13th, 2009 | Comments

World Links: The Pope Arrives in Israel, Roxana Saberi is Freed

A roundup of links to local stories of global importance from around the world.

May 11th, 2009 | Comments

World Links: 6th Anniversary of Iraq Invasion, Obama Sends Message to Iran

A roundup of links to local stories of global importance from around the world.

Mar 20th, 2009 | Comments

World Links: Mutiny Ends in Bangladesh; Serb Leader Acquitted in The Hague

A roundup of links to local stories of global importance from around the world.

Feb 26th, 2009 | Comments

Meet the New Administration

What do Joe Biden, Leon Panetta, and Hillary Clinton have in common? They're all expected to serve in high-level positions in the Obama administration, and they've all appeared as distinguished guests on WIDE ANGLE.

Jan 22nd, 2009 | Comments

Hamas Hiding in Shifa Hospital?

Israeli officials say that Hamas leaders are operating out of a bunker underneath Gaza's Shifa Hospital.

Jan 13th, 2009 | Comments

Medical Supplies Get Through to Gaza

As usual, Gaza City's Shifa Hospital is in the center of the chaos.

Jan 7th, 2009 | Comments

Gaza E.R.: Preview

In 2006, WIDE ANGLE visited Gaza's Shifa Hospital in the film Gaza E.R. Here's a preview.

Jan 6th, 2009 | Comments

Slideshow: In Israel, Migrants Replace Palestinian Workers

Walls and checkpoints make it difficult for Palestinians to get to work, so Israel has become reliant on workers from Thailand, the Philippines, China, and Africa.

Dec 31st, 2008 | Comments

Obama and the World

What does Obama's foreign policy mean for the rest of the world?

Nov 5th, 2008 | Comments

Gaza E.R.: Fatah vs. Hamas

The divisions between the two main Palestinian political factions, Fatah and Hamas, are not religious - as nearly all Palestinian Muslims are from the Sunni branch of Islam - but rather ideological differences in objectives, governance, and relations with Israel.

Aug 14th, 2007 | Comments

Suicide Bombers: Interview: Professor Sari Nusseibeh

The only consolation I have for myself as a Palestinian is that the majority of the Palestinians, I don't believe, share that particular ideology.

Jul 1st, 2004 | Comments

Suicide Bombers: Essay: Suicide Terrorism

Essay outlining the history of modern suicide terrorism.

Jul 1st, 2004 | Comments

Suicide Bombers: Introduction

(July 1, 2004) In a series of unique, powerful, and revealing interviews from inside Israeli prisons, this film examines the minds of Palestinian suicide bombers. Three failed suicide bombers, one recruiter, and one bomb builder captured by Israeli security forces speak openly of their training, motivation, operational methodology, and profound belief in the idea of entering paradise by becoming a martyr killed in the cause of Islam.

Jul 1st, 2004 | Comments
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