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To Have and Have Not: Debate: What the WTO Means for China

Accession to the WTO will bring many changes to China. But not everyone agrees on what those changes are and what they will mean to China and the rest of world. In July of 2002 we asked two leading experts on China to discuss the country's political and economic future.

Jul 18th, 2002 | Comments

To Have and Have Not: Interview: Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky

Former U.S. Trade Representative Charlene Barshefsky discusses with host Daljit Dhaliwal the significance of the WTO for China.

Jul 18th, 2002 | Comments

To Have and Have Not: Sizing Up China’s Economy

Now that China is a member of the WTO and its leaders have committed to economic reforms, will China regain its preeminence and surpass the U.S. as the world's largest economy? Get the facts and decide for yourself.

Jul 18th, 2002 | Comments

To Have and Have Not: Essay: China’s WTO Guinea Pigs: Will They Bring Political Change?

Say this about China: it's got the blind pursuit of money thing down pat, but the systems and values that normally accompany modernization -- rule of law, transparency, civil society -- are another matter.

Jul 18th, 2002 | Comments

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