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June 9th, 2008
China’s Rule of Law: Changing with the Times?

Media Components

Computer Resources

  • computers with Internet access
  • LCD projector and projection screen

Print Resources

  • Hsu, Stephen C., ed. UNDERSTANDING CHINA’S LEGAL SYSTEM. New York: NYU Press, 2003.
  • Peerenboom, Randall. CHINA’S LONG MARCH TOWARD RULE OF LAW. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002.
  • Turner, Karen G., James V. Feinerman, and R. Kent Guy, eds. THE LIMITS OF THE RULE OF LAW IN CHINA. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1999.

Web Resources


General background

Materials Needed

  • student graphic organizers
  • modified U.S.-China Legal Cooperation Fund grant application (see Teacher Preparation and Culminating Activity)
  • chart paper and markers


The following assumptions guide the proposed activities:

    • are familiar with China’s political, economic, and legal history
    • recognize the factors that have contributed to the nation’s economic progress
    • recognize China’s socioeconomic and human rights issues
    • have a solid grasp of the impact of China’s development on the nation’s citizens.
  • Students:

Teacher Preparation

Preview THE PEOPLE’S COURT and related online content before presenting them to your class. Decide whether the class will view the entire video or specific segments (others than those noted in the lesson) to expand lesson concepts and topics.

Bookmark relevant Web sites on each computer in your classroom, and/or create a handout that lists recommended sites and resources that supplement the lesson; or upload all links to an online bookmarking utility, such as, so that students can access the information on these sites. Make sure that your computer has the necessary media players, like RealPlayer, to show streaming clips (if applicable).

Provide students with necessary background on China to fill knowledge gaps or refresh their memories on topics relevant to the lesson plan.

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