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September 9th, 2004
Hell of a Nation

Afghanistan News Source from the U.N.
A full listing of U.N. initiatives in Afghanistan and links to ongoing news stories. — Afghanistan
A comprehensive look at Afghanistan’s history and current circumstance with a focus on the country’s fragile stability.

Photo of palace ruins and abandoned vehicles -- now a common sight in Afghanistan

Palace ruins and abandoned vehicles — now a common sight in Afghanistan.
Photo: Jon Shenk

CIA-World Factbook — Afghanistan
Statistical information about many aspects of the country, and a brief outline of Afghanistan’s history and society.

Afghanistan News Net
Daily update of news about Afghanistan.

Afghana Web Directory
A useful collection of Afghan links and information in the style of the Yahoo! index.

Afghanistan Studies
Resource index of news and other information about Afghanistan.

Constitution Finder
A compendium of the world’s constitutions.

International Constitutional Law
A cross-referenced index of constitutional documents translated into English.

BBC News World Edition
An excellent timeline of important events in Afghanistan’s history provided by the BBC.

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