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Major funding is provided by:

40×50, a group of visionary donors who have provided key support for this initiative

Kayrita & Harold Anderson Family Foundation
Barbara Bridges
Elizabeth Colton
Neda and Tim Disney
Roy Disney Trust
William H. Donner Foundation, Inc.
Mary Fisher
Twink Frey Charitable Trust
The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation
Hess Foundation
Humanity United
Hunter and Stephanie Hunt
Deborah Slaner Larkin
Laybourne Family Foundation
Joy S. Mankoff
Betty S. Regard
Susan and David Rockefeller
The Reba Judith Sandler Foundation
Rowland & Sylvia Schaefer Family Foundation
Schink-Knowles Family Fund, an advised fund
   of Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Harold Simmons Foundation
Andrew H. & Ann R. Tisch Foundation
Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Foundation
Major Funder honorary members


Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Foundation to Promote Open Society
Ford Foundation
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Swanee Hunt Family Fund of the Denver Foundation*
Starry Night, an Anne Delaney Charitable Fund*
Lauren Embrey, Gayle Embrey and Embrey Family Foundation*
The Atlantic Philanthropies
Dobkin Family Foundation*
Cheryl and Philip Milstein Family*
Gruber Family Foundation*
Bill Haney*
Pierre N. Hauser*
Susan Disney Lord*
Partridge Foundation, a John and Polly Guth Charitable Fund*
Vital Projects Fund*
Elizabeth H. Weatherman and The Warburg Pincus Foundation*
The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation*
Cynda Collins Arsenault*
Barbara H. Zuckerberg*
Sigrid Rausing Trust*
More than 1,500 Members of THIRTEEN* (A complete list is available from PBS.)
Corporation for Public Broadcasting

* Honorary members of the 40×50

Major funding for specific films is also provided by:

National Endowment for the Humanities, for I Came to Testify
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, for Peace Unveiled

Funding for the online Education Guide is provided by:

The Overbrook Foundation

Additional funding is provided by:

The Frances Alexander Foundation
Hyatt Bass
Jean J. Beard
Lucy Billingsley
The Compton Foundation
Julie and Peter Cummings
Dina Dublon
The Educational Foundation of America
Janice Ellig
Ernst & Young
Flora Family Foundation
Eleanor Friedman
The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation
Stanley Gold
Katherine M. Grover
Agnes Gund
Hunt Alternatives Fund
Marion S. Kaplan
Patti Kenner & Friends
Kimball Foundation
Ms. Foundation
Julie Ratner
Grace E. Richardson
Edward & Ellen Roche Relief Foundation 
Jonathan F.P. and Diana Rose
Samuel Rubin Foundation
Sara Lee Schupf
Segal Family Foundation
The Sister Fund
Nicki Newman Tanner
Tides Foundation advised by
   Julie Parker Benello
Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund
Carol H. Tolan
True Kindred Spirits
C. Robert Tully
Mrs. James P. Warburg
Jennifer Warburg
The Wednesday for Women group of the
   J.P. Morgan Private Bank
J. Christine Wilson & Mary K. Collin
Winds of Change
Bettina WitteVeen Studio
Women Donors Network
The Jacquelyn and Gregory Zehner Foundation

Additional funding for Pray the Devil Back to Hell is also provided by:

McCall MacBain Foundation

In-kind support is provided by:

Elizabeth A. Sackler


  1. Sheila Michie says:

    I am inspired with this initiative. Thanks to all of you who helped make this possible.
    Are there photos available that I can use to promote this initiative on my blog site?

  2. kathryn cartier says:

    Until evil men are swiftly exterminated at the time that they fully disclose their intent to destroy innocent women,children,and men then the atrocities will continue. My father-at age 19-fought in WW11 as a nosegunner/navigator on B-24 Bomber. He was a just and good man and fought (as he believed) to save the world and his country;his mother,father,sisters from the imminent threat of “Adolph Hitlers war of Terror” against mankind. Some wars ARE necessary but all war could be eliminated (and the Hell that it causes for all living things) if each and every tyrant was eliminated once he shows his “true intentions.” A unit of international assassins would be mandated in a world wishing to avoid a repeat (until the end of the world) of the vile filth of the Nazi regime; the Ku Klux Klan, radical (so called) preachers of faith who only preach of a God of cruelty and depravity. The radical western religions (such as radical southern Baptist) that upheld slavery and slaughter of runaway slaves. One must not forget the hypocrisy of the Catholic church (in which I was raised) in the medeival ages and the torture and murder of millions of human beings as a direct result of the evil within that church while controlling the politics of the day. It seems all to familiar now in the U.S.A as we listen to the never ending hate speeches from the Republican congress and their mindless goons! I see the similarities now-with the persecution of innocent and law abiding (not the criminals) hispanic immigrants who only want to support their loved ones. I see that our country is now practicing the EXACT same method of terrorizing a certain group of citizens(who are not politically powerful,or able to BUY their congressman and most of the supreme court (only small letters for that majority of blood sucking parasites) who “sleep and fornicate”with the highest bidders (Kock bros. come to mind, AT&T, G.E.Wallmart, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, (past Wachovia criminal “cook the books” buddies) and majority of the Big Boys on Wall street who gutted the American economy and made a mockery of the hard working men and women who only wanted to do what the so called “illegal immigrants”(the vast majority are not criminals )wanted to do; and that is to:raise their families,get an education, live a life of peace and perhaps some prosperity. The majority of us never gave a damn about wealth;only “enough”( and gainfully earned) to provide for ourselves. The Republican Congress and “blue dog” democrats” have only lined up day after day, year after year at the pig trough of corruption and filth lining their pockets with the gold from the SLIME they sold us out to. Our congressin- most part,though some still struggle valiantly to preserve our country- (Bernie Sanders, Dick Durbin,and others)but not enough to change the “tide of our own destruction! We are now on our way as a nation towards becoming another “Nazi” Germany of old, persecuting innocent people who cannot defend themselves,nor are they even being given a chance to have a pathway to citizenship.It is another ethnic cleansing. We now have God forsaken Republican regimes in states such as Georgia (where I unfortunately have to live) Alabama, Az to name a few whose leaders (elected by very dim-witted Republicans) are making it their goal to create terror (at times) and fear of deportation, breaking up families, deporting teens and college students who were not born here but came over with parents when small children! We have become a nation of cowards and imbeciles. We need all the “new blood” of other nations-as we were originally formed-to wash away the old”clotted and purulent drainage” of the narrow minded, cowardly preachers of hate and ignorance in this country that would have us go back to the days of slavery, blatant disregard of womens rights, protection of children, union busting, repeal of child labor laws, right of a woman to determine if she can or cannot continue a pregnancy (which no corrupt congressional leader would raise and support to age 18,or beyond)and finally the support of the last “Death Knell”for our country: The decision of the majority in the supreme court(Citizens United) to give what is left of our land to the filth;the swill; themselves ;and their kind, to any corporation (now a person!!!!!) who has the “right amount of money” to buy any election anywhere at any time! So this is what my father fought for in WW11(if he were alive now he would spit on the FILTH in congress and the supreme court members who make a mockery of all those who have died for truth and justice) and my two grandfathers in WW1 and WW11, my great uncles and the father of my eldest child (a marine in Viet Nam) and I curse the corrupt and depraved who are now in control of this land. We have no need for any future presidential elections. Bush sr. ,with the supreme court justices he put in power saw to it that the “rigged” election would put his “flawed spawn” in office and then the road to perdition really began. We became a debtor nation and a bully stampeding into Iraq on a road of lies while the people were used and misled to believe that lies were truth. Dick Cheney(a perfect “Rasputin”) pulled the strings and all the “RATS” came out to play because their kind took over the throne! Finally, we had a president (OBama) who won the election by the people-not a daddy who slept with the supreme court-and guess what, it hasn’t changed much because you CANNOT EVER,EVER,EVER,EVER COMPROMISE WITH SWINE! I believe OBama(a good and decent man)has finally figured this out,but perhaps too late, for our country was already bleeding out when he took power. In my experience as an RN (32yrs) “all hands on deck” if there is any chance of saving a patient’s life with imminent “bleed out” or ensuing! I knew from the beginning we were probably doomed when I saw what the republican congress and supreme court were doing. They even stated exactly what their plan was: “We WILL SWEAR TO DO ALL IN OUR POWER TO SEE THAT OBAMA IS A ONE TERM PRESIDENT.” The mentally inferior, the spiritually corrupt, and the depraved of soul now rule this land and most of them are in the congressional halls and supreme court! You may wonder why I have written to such an extent concerning our current state in this country once known as :”The land of the free, the home of the brave”, but now is owned by the WHORES AND THE PIMPS WHO RULE AND MAKE A MOCKERY OF THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES WHILE IMPEDING EVERY GOOD THAT HE ATTEMPTS TO DO ON BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE, ALL THE WHILE FORNICATING WITH EVERY CORRUPT BANK,WALL STREET CORP ,BIG OIL, AND HEAVY HITTERS LIKE THE KOCH BROS. In summary; we are NOW Bosnia, we are NOW Darfur;we are NOW swiftly becoming what Nazi germany became. Our Adolph Hitler IS the majority of our supreme court, the majority of our congress, and the majority of those banks, and corporations bailed out with TARP due to their own corruption. Innocent people have paid the price. We, the people have bailed out our own rapists and the slow march to Hell is almost complete. If the women in the world cannot take power from the men who destroy it and “their women” (who emulate them) then there is no saving the world, let alone our land. I am in solidarity with every woman in the world who has suffered at the hands of injustice. What happened in Bosnia and Africa and since the biginning of time will happen here. The same evil that destroys the innocent is growing in strength right here;NOW!!

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