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Bosnia Field Report: Foca, Once the Country’s Black Hole

June 15, 2011

The Foca river valley, located in eastern Bosnia, was once dubbed Bosnia’s “black hole” because of its reputation for harboring war criminals. The valley was the backdrop of some of the worst ethnic cleansing and atrocities committed against women during the country’s bitter war in the mid-1990s, which left more than 100,000 dead. In 1992, Bosnian Serbs rounded up thousands of Muslim and Croat civilians, executing them or relegating them to concentration camps. By the war’s end, the number of non-Serbs living in Foca had been reduced from 20,000 to less than a hundred.

Women, War & Peace traveled to Foca to interview Muslim returnees, who are rebuilding their lives despite on-going ethnic tension, and to profile community leaders actively working to foster tolerance in this region once ravaged by war.

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  1. James J. Braddock says:


    Did Angelina Jolie use (steal) this book (The Soul Shattering in English) written by the Bosnian-Croatian author James J. Braddock a.k.a Josip J. Knežević, as the story platform for her movie In The Land of Blood and Honey?

    Did she totally miss the truth and core of that genocidal war against Bosnia and her people?

    Why was she banned from filming in Bosnia by the most influental organization of women – victims of the war?

    Did she rewrite history and offended thousands of women and other innocent victims of the Serbian aggression on Bosnia & Herzegovina?

    Should American women and human rights organizations get involved?

    • LawyerUP says:

      To the poster, james j braddock, I’m glad Angelina Jolie has security with stalkers like you out there. You are unhinged. Is your life so miserable that you spend every minute of it, obsessing over Jolie and slandering her across the web? Answer: yes. I hope she sues you up one side and down the other. This is the 3rd site I’ve gone to, that you’re lying in wait and posting your DELUSIONS on, along with Hollywood gossip garbage blogs. You’re so insane you don’t even realize your entire fantasy premise is a big fat contradiction: you’re saying Jolie used your book, but then you claim an alliance with the women who supposedly hate Jolie’s movie premise, based on what YOU say, is your book. They should hate you too if that’s the case. You’re as dumb as a rock. Go take your meds Jen.

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