Machsom Watch

December 1, 2011

The wall, the fence, the barrier. Whatever you call it, the structure built over the past 10 years to separate Israel and the West Bank also separates many Palestinians from their places of work, their land, their family members. And the checkpoints Palestinians must pass through to get from one side to the other have become points of tension. The women of Machsom Watch (machsom is the Hebrew word for barrier) observe these checkpoints to make sure that the Israeli soldiers guarding them treat the Palestinians trying to pass in a humane manner.


  1. susan gilinsky says:

    Well done Storyhunter

  2. Sarah says:

    Am I supposed to feel happy to see this? It’s a clear representation of the pathetic lassitude and apathy that the world has towards Palestinians. These women aren’t doing anything with their notebooks and talking to soldiers – it’s an institutionalized discrimination that we must all fight against. The women’s own son works in IDF, how is that justifiably impartial – of course she’ll never clearly see the human rights infringements, nor will she be a human rights defender. We won’t be fooled by this pathetic display of half-assed “care” that Palestinians are given, that isn’t satisfactorily relinquishing any of their problems. Two women take out the time in their day to see that millions of Palestinians are treated fairly? Good in theory – but never actualized because neither Israel not its military care about their work.

  3. G. Goldman says:

    The fence was built because Palestinian WOMEN with exlosive belts entered Israeli discos, restaurants, etc. to blow themselves up and murder in cold blood scores of Jews. What about protecting your borders, your toutists, your diners, your school children. BTW the detonations have stopped.

  4. melissa says:

    How wonderful to see Israeli Jewish women having the right (as a result of living in a democratic state) and the human inclination to advocate for the rights of Palestinians. Imagine the reverse occurring in Arab nations…..

  5. SFK says:

    First invade their land and later create a check point and produce a video show how much human right you have… this thing does not make sense…

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