Avatar Hits Home with Indigenous Colombians

June 11, 2010

Colombia has its own version of the Na’avi, the imperiled indigenous people whose story lies at the heart of the international blockbuster Avatar. They’re called the Wayuu, and a very valuable store of coal lies on their traditional homeland.

Further comparisons between the Wayuu and the Na’avi are striking. Both are matrilineal peoples with ancient cultural and spiritual ties to their land, land that is now threatened with violence and displacement by corporate interests.

Click below to learn how Wayuu activist Debora Barros was touched by the indigenous struggle portrayed in Avatar.


  1. KwusuAakhu ShepsHeru says:

    I too was moved by the movie, ‘Avatar’. However, the makers of such a movie know exactly what is going on in the world and they portrayed it within this movie. Shouldn’t they also be speaking up about the atrocies that continue to go on all over the earth? So, they portray it within a movie and collect the monies and continue on with their rich lives, as if everything on earth is okay. NO IT’S NOT. Far from it! All of the heads of states and government officials of the earth should watch this movie Together and Cry for their own Fake Leadership. None of you care about Humanity. You’ve put “corporations” before The People and in place of the people. You all have let Humanity down and none among you have the principals to stand up and be counted among The Great who changed the world for the betterment of all mankind. You’re cheap and can brought for a nickel or less. Oh what foolish mortals you all are. May ‘intelligence’ overthrow evil and the un-intelligent.

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