Women, War & Peace Series Trailer

July 1, 2011

Women, War & Peace, a five-part PBS special, premieres Oct. 11, 2011. The series continues on Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. through Nov. 8.

Below are two versions of our trailer, first a two-minute taste, then an 16-minute highlight reel. Please enjoy and share — both are freely embeddable.


  1. Renee Feltz, WW&P Multimedia Producer says:

    Thank you for your interest in our series, Edna. Our online video compliments to the series are not available for non-theatrical use.

  2. Ana Sierra says:

    This will be an amazing and very important program. Please keep us posted. Thank you!

  3. Karen Kennedy says:

    Our group of women in New Zealand are very interested in this series. Will it be available for viewing in New Zealand?

  4. Stephanie says:

    We see Liberia heavily featured in the promo video and are looking forward to seeing the full series. Our nonprofit works with women empowerment issues through education in Liberia–powerful message to women everywhere.

    • Rai Farrelly says:


      I also work with an organization that empowers girls through opportunities for education in rural Liberia. What is the name of your organization? I’d love to read more about what you are doing and see if there are opportunities for collaboration.

      Sincerely, Rai

  5. Orly Zirinsky says:

    Can you tell me who sand the song in the beginning? and who is the artist? Thank you ,Orly

  6. Jam says:

    The artist is Mary J. Blidge.

    I was in Liberia for years working with female excombatants, this should be interesting.

  7. Barbara Miller says:

    Thank you for producing this series and thanks also to the supporters who funded it. We need these findings, perspectives, and stories to be widely heard.

  8. LaVaeda Coulter says:

    I am the minister for our Women’s Mnistry and am very much interested in this series. We all need to be aware of the atrocities that are happening to our sisters across the world.

  9. Sherril Schuster, Ph.D. says:

    I teach a course at Rutgers, the State University of NJ, entitled “Third World Women”. This series will be a part of the course curriculum. Thank you for providing my students with the opportunity to see factual accounts of some of the topics covered in this course.

  10. Lorraine Oback says:

    I’m looking forward to watching this series and hope that it will be broadcast online, as well as on TV.

  11. Lauren Feeney, ed. says:

    Lorraine, it will certainly be available online in the fall! In the meantime, check back for web-exclusive stories from Somalia, Mexico, Sudan and Colombia, just to name a few that are coming soon. Thanks everyone for your interest!

  12. Marni Haley says:

    I am chairman of my Rotary Club’s peace committee and I would like to buy the video if it is available. Unfortunately I will be out of the country for the 1st PBS showing.

    • María Celeste Morell says:

      Dear Marni,
      I`m glad to see a rotarian envolved, i was a Rotaractor in Argentina (1996/2006), and I`m actually a Rotary Peace Fellow, and just started my master program in Tokyo. My focus is in gender, specially in the role/impact of women`s local iniciatives in peacebuilding and peacekeeping.
      I`m looking forward to watching this serie, and I will share this info with other fellows.

  13. Marilyn Lefkowitz says:

    How can I get a copy for my Hadassah group showing in New York City for Janualry or February ’12?Hadassah is the largest non-profit womens organization in America

  14. Colm Dempsey says:


    I am the Coordinator of the Violence Against Women 365 International Poster Exhibition which is a non-profit inititative that highlights the global issue of all forms of violence against women and children through the use of posters, videos and other formats. Would it possible to get a copy of these amazing shows to have as part of the Exhibition as I believe that they would enhance the Exhibition.

    Kindest regards, Colm

  15. Diana Ryall says:

    This will be a powerful addition to the debate. I can’t believe night after night I hear about the people of Libya and the fighting. However, there is never a comment about how women are being affected and we never see women in the news from there.

  16. MELVIN MCCRAY says:


  17. Gloria Tollefson says:

    How can I access the discussion questions? I am part of a discussion group –International studies- with AmericanAss’n. of University Women and this would be a great project but I need the ?’s to enhance it. Please reply.

  18. cynthia hashbarger says:

    Please let me know how I can get resource and the video. so as to do a small group in my home. Thank you. CH

  19. Omofolabo Ajayi says:

    I cannot wait to see the series. These are stories that need to be told, heard, and seen. And the power of it is that women are telling the stories – from different parts of the world. Thank you for undertaking this project, and bringing all the voices together. Many thanks too for the funding bodies.
    Please send information how to buy copies. I plan to use them in a course I will teach in Spring.
    I hope the series will be avai

  20. Julia Keady says:

    For everyone in Australia … the Australian Women Donors Network will be hosting Women, War & Peace producer Abigail E. Disney for 4 days in Australian from November 29 to December 2. There is a Gala Dinner & Film Night in Melbourne on November 29, and in Sydney on December 1st, where Abigail will be speaking about this amazing production. For more information, check out our website: http://www.womendonors.org.au

  21. Jerilyn Fisher says:

    Its not clear to me how a copy may be obtained for classroom use. Also, is there someone available to come to campus in March for a screening? Thanks–

  22. Janet Hagen says:

    Yes, I am very interested in purchasing this video for classroom use as well, and perhaps our library’s collection. Thanks ~

  23. Luz Nagle says:

    Powerful and excellent documentary. I teach international criminal law with a component on war and the role of womens in peace. Like others, I’m interested in purchasing a DVD to use it as a teaching tool. Images are more powerful than words.

  24. Marty Camarillo says:

    What a powerful series that will be a great addition to my studies at Sonoma State in War and Peace lecture. I have always championed women’s rights and will look forward to watching this series on PBS.
    Many thanks.

  25. Penny Hunt says:

    Here in the USA it is primarily women and children who suffer as their husbands, fathers and sons return by the thousands – numbers not reported by the media – disfigured, dismembered, mentally incapacitated or in a coffin. No woman, no child anywhere, is safe in a world driven by terror. God help us all!

  26. Jim says:

    Ladys, I’ve been watching PBS for about 100yrs, you can see most of their programs on the web AFTER they have been broadcast on TV.

  27. MinervaLeah says:

    By showing and hearing these voices may be a movement to “rethink” war activities.
    We seriously need to know how devasting war is to families. Absolutely hearing and seeing the bravado from one point of view is limiting. The new drones scare the hell out of me when you can be pinpointed with arbitary government paid informants?
    War crime definitions need to be revisted.

    Mary J. Blige thank you for lending your voice. To the listed group of visionary donors, keep the pressure on and providing the contributions as well.
    I will do my part of informing all the friends, family and constituents, I know. . .

    Peace out, Minerva (Santa Clarita Valley, CA)

    Thank you for having the courage to show the world pattern of destruction by the few who are capitalizing off of the many . . .

  28. moira says:

    hello there!
    I am from Croatia, social work student, and I am very interested in the topic of this series..Please tell me, is there going to be a chance to watch it on line, or maybe somehow download it (since we do not have pbs here :( )
    thank you for your answer, and best regards from Zagreb!

  29. moira says:

    oh, sorry.. I haven’t seen jim’s answer! so, there is going to be a chance to watch it on line!! I really hope so!!!

  30. Karen Huggins says:

    This looks like an amazing series! When will it be available to watch on-line?

    Thanks so much!

  31. Lauren Feeney says:

    Thanks Karen! Each episode will come available online right after the broadcast.

  32. Mildred Howarter says:

    When and where will a DVD be available?

    • Lauren Feeney, ed. says:

      It’s available now! Click on the DVD button in the upper right-hand corner. Thanks for your interest!

  33. Amy says:

    Work wth an organzaton that educates women and gives them tools for creating micro entrepreneurshiip –
    live outsde the USA – how can i get a copy of the series?

  34. myrna says:

    Finally a program with deep substance. I am so angry that any country would allow anyone, much less the defenseless women and children to be treated so brutally.

    (Not so) incidentally, I recently learned that the only time the entire world was at peace is the 30 years that Jesus walked on the earth! Imagine…!

    Because of this show, I will become a contributor to my local PBS station! Keep up the good work and God bless and let’s all pray for peace!

  35. Kora says:

    Is it possible to view this movie from France? I live in Paris and would like to see it. Or perhaps to buy it as DVD? Thank you for your help.

    • Lauren Feeney, ed. says:

      Hi Kora, we are working with an international distributor to make sure that these films are broadcast all over the world. In the meantime, unfortunately viewing of the full episodes via the web is restricted to the U.S. only. Our other web content, including web-exclusive videos and our trailer, are available to all. You can purchase a DVD by clicking on the DVD button in the upper right-hand corner. Many thanks for your interest! We’ll keep you posted about international broadcasts and screenings via Facebook.

  36. Abir says:

    I am a communication major and very into Women’s Rights and the videos are very interesting especially that my senior seminar is going to be about this particular subject. I really want to get a copy of the videos, does anyone have any idea how?

    Thank you,

    • Lauren Feeney, ed. says:

      Hi Abir! Click on the DVD button in the upper right-hand corner. Thanks for your interest, and good luck with your studies!

  37. Ibrahima kamara says:

    Even at the age of 60 I still maintain that women are smarter than men when it comes to applying the true functions of the mind and brains. After watching ” women, war & peace” I am respectfully asking especially men in power to find time to watch the series and say it’s time to pay more attention to more women for smarter decisions-making. And to PBS, please consider a decision that the series reach the younger males now in schools so their future may have a balanced in respecting each other regadless their sex. Thanks.

  38. Fallon says:

    I seen this program on tv and it impacted my life. Young people in canada need to be made aware of women and children. We see the tv ads and commercials but flip past them. They are so sad and depressing how can we make a difference if our governments are not willing to. This is a revolutionary period of time. We need to see more of the progress we are making and positive outcomes of our government. Equal rights I am only a small insignificant person but I do have a voice and one voice can’t change the world but it sure can make a difference. How can I help to being peace. I have always felt I have a greater purpose and my greatest satisfaction in life isn’t the money that can buy me pretty things. It is the feeling of doing my part to make our world a better and more secure place to live. I would love to be a part of any organization and do anything big or small to make my contribution to being the change I want to see in the world!!!!!!!

    Fallon Manuel

    • Fatima Kunduklija says:

      Hello everyone,

      Thanks to all of you for postting comments and expressing interes in film “Women, War & Peace” First part ” I CAME TO TESTIFY” is happend in my hometown Foca (Bosnia) it is my story and stories of my people.
      What happaned in Bosnia was not WAR- it was CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY and GENOCIDE.
      When you see that program I would like to know what wil you say or more what will you do? If you do not do anything we will have “another film” from another “Bosnia”
      If I may suggest all of you ; DO NOT VOTE OR SUPPORT WAR, ANY WAR, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. First and the most victims in war are WOMEN-inosent women.As someone said “WOMEN ARE LIKE SISTERS”
      Unlit I hear from you, let me tell next.

      War,what a horrible word.
      War is scary to the whole world.
      I pray give them sense to put down the sword;
      give them sense, give them sense, I pary to the Lord.

      The world is full of strife and trouble,
      I have had my share and double.
      To send a short message to the world
      the reasons for my complaint.

      War is inhuman, unfair, and unkind.
      My home is destroyed as well as mankind.
      A horrible sight nobody can tell,
      like how tenths of children were killed with one shell.
      many soldiers, civilians, even whole families, as well

      All this horror and destruction that war brings,
      I have seen with my own eyes, one bloody spring.
      I will never forget and unborn babies still cry,
      Why! Why! Why!

      So, I send a short message out to the world
      That “PEACE” is not just a word,
      Peace is one of life greatest treasures
      Nothing on earth is harder to measure.

      Peace will wipe away sadness and tears.
      Peace will bring gladness and no fears.
      Peace will wipe away sorrow and pain.
      Peace will bring happiness again.

      For peace, just for peace I am ready to die.
      One war I survived and still I cry, “why?”
      With the sound of my voice,
      Let the whole world rejoice,
      Because Peace, only Peace is my choice.

      So, stand up, speak out
      That war is insine and a shame.
      Stand up, speak out bravely
      In a powerful stance
      To give Peace a chance.



  39. Auston Matthews says:

    As Bullets Flew past my head so close that I could feel the Heat Coming from the bullets I had To Duck and Take Cover. While taking out the Garbage 4 Weeks ago I found myself Between Two Groups of Street Punks Who Decided to Start Shooting At each Other. And as usual 5 to 10 minutes later the police respond. Many Neighborhoods all over NYC are saturated with illegal Drug and Gang Activity. The Only Way to Save the Lives Of the Citizens within these Areas would be to Form Armed Security Patrols. The Members Should Include Current and Retired Police, Military and Individuals who Work with-in the Security Profession who live with in these Communities. Currently there are more citizens being Shot & Killed in The Streets of America Than Soldiers On The Front Line.

    Problems & Solutions

    “ Illegal Drugs, Terrorist Funding, Gang Violence, Modern Day Genocide In America “
    Right Up Front, This Is Not About Race. This Is Simply About Hard Working Law Abiding Americans, Living Every Day In A War Zone; Right Here In America . The Removal of local community groups back in the 60’s and 70’s, Began The Break Down of many African American Communities. Most of The People in these Groups Simply Demanded Justice, Jobs and Quality of Life: Here in the Country that they and their families went to War and Fought For. There were only a few who allowed their frustrations to go too far. To Make A long Story Short, There Is Now A State Of Genocide In Most African American & Hispanic Communities. If You Simply Look At The Number Of People Dying Every Day In Cities Like NY & L.A. Across Our Country, Genocide Clearly Comes To Mind. And Here’s Why, In the past 27 years I’ve lived in almost every neighborhood through-out NYC. One of the first things I noticed when I moved to NY was that With-in the African American and Hispanic
    Communities, There is a Large Number of Bodega’s on Every Block. Many of which are Known Distributors or Fronts For Illegal Drugs. In Most Situations there’s (3) and (4) of These Bodega’s on every block. And, This continues block after block. In some Cases there’s One Bodega Next Door to another Bodega across the Street from even more Bodega’s. And, Behind the Counter of these Stores are either Hispanics or Middle Easterners. Where is All This Drug Money Going? Is it Possible That Some Of This Drug Money is Being Used To Fund Terrorist?

    Now here’s the Shocker. Many of the People who live in these Hellish Conditions have Been Calling 911 for over 30 Years. And you know what happens? Absolutely Nothing. Administration after administration passes through office and Turn a Blind Eye To This Injustice. And, not only does the Main Stream Media turn a Blind eye to this Situation. The Main Stream Media then Stereo types the people in these communities by reporting to the world that no one says anything. A lot of this Illegal activity is right out in the open. It’s Impossible Not to see it. But, it gets Much worse. In one situation out of many I called 911 for a period of (2) Two Years. I stopped Counting how many times after (80) calls. There was a group of 3 to 4 young Hispanic, illegal immigrants, who would stand Right out in the open and sell drugs 24 hours a day, in a known drug spot . This spot was in front of a vacant lot within a decant neighborhood. 20 feet away from this spot is a Catholic School and 30 feet from that there’s a Public Elementary School . In the 15 to 20 Seconds it would take me to walk pass this group of idiots, I would Often find myself in the middle of a Drug Deal. As I continue to walk another 20 feet I’m passing young Children In uniform playing inside of the Catholic School yard. Another 30 feet and there’s more children outside playing at the Public Elementary School . I walk around the corner and dial 911. One hour, Two Hours later I’m on the way to my next job. I walk back up the same Block and the Same Jackasses are Still There To My Amazement. This went on for (2) Two Years. On one occasion as I walked up my block there were (5) Cop cars with about (10) Cops who had 7 to 8 African Americans Lined up against a fence for a search. (At this corner there’s usually a few people hanging out, but it’s across the street from the projects. At worst, there’s someone drinking and being too loud).
    However, As I walk to the Corner and Look up the Street There’s the Same Group Of Young Hispanic, Illegal immigrants Selling Drugs, Still Right Out In The Open: Around the Corner From (10) or More Uniformed Cops (who were Searching the 7 to 8 African Americans) Half a block away, The Same One’s I’d Been Calling Both The Media And The Police About. There is Nothing isolated about this situation. This is only One Small Example Out of Hundreds that I Continue to experience Right here In NYC. In Another Small Example: I enter a bodega, which is located around the corner from a Police Precinct, while I’m waiting on the clerk I notice a second line of 4 to 5 obvious heroin users; but there not waiting for the clerk behind the counter. Out from the back walks Another Clerk who asks the group of obvious users: how much do you want? 50 Dollars worth, 100 Dollars worth; as the group of users follow that clerk outside. All of this happens within 2 to 3 minutes while I’m still waiting on the clerk behind the counter. Once Again, Around The Corner From A Police Precinct. The Bottom line is that in the 60’s The Latino’s would Unite with the African Americans in Protesting Quality Of Life Issues. In Trying to keep an Wedge between the two groups Favortism is Being Used Towards Certain Groups Of Drug Dealers with a No Tolerance Policy Towards Others. Case and Point the Bodega Situation as mentioned.

    NO !! I’m not bashing to police, Most of them do a Kick-ass good job Every Day. However, For over the past 30 years there is this Situation In Place Where a Blind Eye is Being Turned To Obvious Illegal Drug Distribution. And Certain Police and High Level Officials, Are Using Military Style Drug Gangs like The Ones in South America To Kill African Americans and Take Over Their Communities. Let’s Not Debate The Facts, Send An Undercover Camera Crew & I’ll Help Them Get A Lot Of This Activity On Tape. Many areas in NYC are Saturated with Illegal Drugs, and Gang Activity. The Same Goes For Many Areas in California , Like Watts Which Was Mostly African American. Watts Is An Easy Example of Genocide, where Military Style Drug Crews From Other Countries Went In And Killed Many Of The African Americans. This all Goes Back To The Removal Of Those Organizations From The 60’s & 70’s Which Would Not Have Allowed American Citizens To Be Murdered Here In America By Foreigners Or Anyone Else. Those Groups Would Have Also Demanded Jobs And Education; And Would Not Have Allowed The Unions With Over One Hundred Year Traditions Of Excluding African Americans From Quality Jobs, To Continue Their Practices. The Easiest Example Of This Would Be The NYFD, Where Less Than 3% Of All NYC Firefighters Are African American Or Hispanic. And Basically, All Of The NYC Construction Unions Which Are Still Mafia Controlled. This Is Not The United States Of Italy . Our Families Are Not Dying On The Front Lines So That Criminals From All Over The World Can Come Here And Defraud Our Country, While Singing Praises To Their Countries Of Origin.

    What’s The Quickest Solution? Well The Easiest & Quickest Way To Kill The Illegal Drug Problem Literally Overnight Would Be To Simply Legalize It. There’s Just Too Much Corruption & Too Much Money To Be Made, So Legalize The Drug Trade Like Alcohol. Too Many Other Countries Have Made Trillions Over The Years From The Blood Of Americans. Legalize It, Tax It, And Let Those Trillions Of Dollars Stay Here. Stop The Killings, The Violence and Spending. It’s Much Less Expensive & Easier To Operate Rehab Centers Than Continue To Fail At Trying To Stop The Unstoppable World Wide Illegal Drug Trade. Unfortunately Legalization Isn’t Going to Happen Any-Time Soon. So, What’s The Second No Non-Since Solution? Shut Down The Drug Trade & Gang Activity With an Iron Fist. If you watch programs like Cops and America ’s Most Wanted, The Police Admit That Various Area’s Are Saturated With Illegal Drug & Gang Activity. We Are A Country At War, And This Is The Best Time To Fix Many Of Our Countries Problems. In Known Areas of Drug and Gang Activity Where The Police Admit These Conditions Exist, The Police Aren’t Doing Their Job. Therefore, These Locations Must Be Shut Down By The Military For 3 to 4 Months At A Time In Order To Extract The Criminal Elements From These Areas. Why Allow These Problems To Linger Year In And Year Out With Great Expense To The Tax Payers, And Great Loss Of Life With-in Those Communities.

    Establish No Non Since Military Style Prisons, that Don’t Cost $80K Per Inmate Per Year; At or Near Military Bases. If Our Youth Want To Be In Gangs And Shot Guns, We Must Encourage or Demand That They Join The Military. This Is The Clear Answer To Street Violence, We Must Give Our Citizens A Choice. If They Have A Problem With Law & Order Then Encourage Them To Come On Down To The Front Line And Earn Their Keep While Satisfying Their Appetites For Violence.

    In Fact, All Occupants Of This Country Should Be Required To Serve (7) Months On The Front Line. “ Freedom Ain’t Free ” There’s Nothing Like A Good Old Fashion War To Bring A Nation Together. The Thought here is: if Everyone is Required to Earn Their Keep on the Front Line, Then The People Will Not Allow Unjust Wars To Happen; Or Allow Them To Linger On With No End In Sight. Unfortunately Yet Again The Draft Won’t Happen Any Time Soon. So, The Second Best Thing Is To Encourage All Occupants Of This Country To Earn Their Keep On The Front Line. Which Brings us Back To The Issue Of Jobs. The Government Will Clearly Have To Re-establish Many Hiring Practices When It Comes To Any Company, Union or Organization That Receives Any Form Of City, State or Federal Funding or Tax Incentive. The Over (100) One Hundred Year Practice Of Not Honoring Equal Opportunity Hiring Practices Must Be Done Away With. The Only Americans Entitled To Preference,
    In Hiring Practices Are Our Veterans.

    And Now The Most Important Issue Of All

    PLEASE , Understand that this is not about White and Black, or Blue, Purple or Green. This is about learning from the Past and Correcting Our Current Day Crisis. There Is No Such Thing As White People or Black People. White and Black are Colors.

    As far as the Whole Race Situation Through-out the World and Through-out Time Goes; Let’s Take A Look At One Of The Many Statements From The Big G_D Himself.

    Let The World Turn To:

    Galatians 3:28

    There Is Neither Jew Nor Greek, There Is Neither Bound Nor Free,


    Simply Put, Any Form Of Racism Is A Sin Against The Creator. There Are Only (2) Two Kinds Of People In The World. There Are Those Who Obey God’s Laws And Those Who Don’t. So, For Those Throughout The World With Racism Towards Others, They Clearly Aren’t Serving God. But, They Are Serving That Other Fellow Whose Saying …..Gotcha !!! SUCKERS…. HAAA AAAAAAA !!! austonmatthews@yahoo.com 347-290-0365

  40. Kerian Pelenah says:

    Thank you, Sarah Masters and Rebecca Gerome of the Women Network of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA Women Network). Sadly, the episode brought back bitter memories of the war in Liberia – where I work, particularly of the atricities against women and children. But it also reminds us all of the lessons learned that war is evil and that rape as a weapon of war agaisnt women is total insanity.

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