Populations at Risk: The Problems Facing Internally Displaced Populations Worldwide ~ Video Segments

October 2, 2011

These brief video segments can be used alone or in combination, to introduce a topic or to spark discussion among your students. These videos are also used in the lesson plan Populations at Risk: The Problems Facing Internally Displaced Persons Worldwide (Grades 9-12).

Excerpts from the Women, War & Peace episode “The War We Are Living”

Cauca’s Most Valuable Resources

Legal Struggles

Cycle of Violence

Return to the Land?

The Cost of Human Rights



  1. Anne Hicks says:

    Your article seems to be very interesting
    Internal displacement is not limited to conflict, discrimination and political issues. Each year at least 15 million people is forced to leave their homes following to long-term environmental disruptions (environmentally-induced displacement), natural disasters and development projects (development-induced displacement and resettlement). In Colombia we can mention 2 problems: massive deforestation and environmental damages caused by oil exploitation (see recently published report “Oil induced displacement and resettlement by Bogumil Terminski” and many publications on environmentally-induced displacement and development-induced displacement (Michael Cernea, Etienne Piguet, Francoise Gemenne).

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