In Congo, No Words to Describe the Atrocities

September 13, 2011

Journalist Chouchou Namegabe has been reporting for years on the once hidden problem of sexual violence in her native Congo. The 32-year-old first began broadcasting the accounts of women who had been raped by armed forces at a time when few Congolese would dare to speak publicly about the growing pandemic. In fact, Namegabe says when it came time to broadcast the accounts, she struggled — quite literally — to find words to describe the violence all around her.

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  1. david miller says:

    I was fascinated to listen to leah chishugi talking about rape in the Congo and Rwanda when she spoke to a selected audience here in Helsinki last month. This is a very real problem and brings shame not only to the Congo but to humanity itself. Writers like Chouchou Namegabe and leah chishugi are like rays of sunlight in the darkness of the violence we see around us.

  2. Anita Schwartz says:

    I am so glad theare are people like you!! I am so glad that you are there for those people, not really…I wish your company would buy systems for them to have fresh/clean water everyday!!!!!!!!…Its Not that much in network terms and they can boast that they helping a starving child or watever.

    • Susan says:

      Excuse me, Ms. Schwartz (if you ever return and see this), but your words are misplaced – the people producing this series are not those with the money you speak of, or associated with “Hollywood,” but are independent film-makers funded by non-profits to facilitate greater awareness about these problems. This, so that we as a larger global community can work together to put pressure on corporations and governments to defund wars and engage in more philanthropy.

      Take your rightful outrage and direct it at the people who need to hear it!

  3. Anita Schwartz says:

    Deaf Ears….Hollywood has Millions for what?…..Children are screaming in agony from starvation or disease, Bank of America CEO dont care abt those in need of food or shelter. If I met him Id punch him in the face and Im a woman!

  4. Anita Schwartz says:

    You kno why Id never meet that dude cuz he lives in another freakin country, duh.

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