Credits for War Redefined

October 7, 2011

Narrated by
Geena Davis

Produced and Written by
Peter Bull

Co-Produced by
Nina Chaudry

Edited by
Pascal Akesson
Andrew Fredericks

Senior Producer
Nina Chaudry

Coordinating Producer
Mridu Chandra

Senior Associate Producer
Katia Maguire

Anthony Forma

Theme Music and Composer
Bob Golden

Motion Graphics Designer
Yorgo Alexopoulos

Additional Motion Graphics

Sound Recordist
Michael Karas

Additional Camera
Bob Goldsborough
Kirsten Johnson
Lucy Martens
Geoffrey O’Connor
Najibullah Quraishi

Additional Sound
Michael Boyle
Predrag Doder
Judy Karp
Lupe Mejia
Paul Rusnak
R. Todd Schoenberger
Jerry Stein
Isabel Torres

Afghanistan Field Producer
Claire Billet
Leslie Knott
Claudia M. Rizzi

Bosnia Field Producer
Velma Saric

Colombia Field Producer
Juan Carlos Isaza

Congo Field Producers
Wellington Bowler
Taylor Krauss

Thailand Field Producer
Pattama Chutimant

Online Editor
Edward Goldberg

Re-Recording Mixer
Doug Johnson

Assistant Editor
Scott Greenhaw

Additional Research
Julia Conley

Production Interns
Sam Jinishian
Elizabeth Wagner

Sherry Alwell
Aleksandar Brezar
Tanashaya Ciengshin
Jon Gilani
Hikmet Karcic
Eric Ossohou
Aileen Robledo

Transcript Associates
Erin Chapman

Janet Cassidy
Ann E. G. Miller

Dubbing Voices
Bonnie Barrios
Rita Wolf
Jasna Zalica

Al Alam
AP Images
Army Recognition
Associated Press
Canal Caracol Televisión
Everyday Gandhis ®
Gabriel Films
Getty Images
Gilles Peress
Insan Foundation Trust
ITN Source
James Brabazon
Jimmie Mangou
Journeyman Pictures
Just Media
Michael Angelo
Morris Producciones
Moses Zangar
Naib Uddin Ahmed
National Public Radio, Inc.
Noticias Uno
Pewee Flomoku
Reporters Agency
Ron Haviv / VII
Sunny Ugoh
The New York Times ©
The Washington Post ©
The Women Peace and Security Network Africa (WIPSEN-Africa)
Thought Equity Motion
U.N. Visual Library, Department of Public Information
United Nations Foundation
UNICEF Television
United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)
Women for Women International

Special Thanks
James Gala
Bill and Andrea Ritchie
Shop Studios
U.S. Army Public Affairs Los Angeles

Filmed on location with the permission of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)


Series Director of Photography
Kirsten Johnson

Senior Project Manager
Rekha Menon

Consulting Supervising Producer
Felice Firestone

Series Announcer
Jay O. Sanders

Senior Multimedia Producer
Lauren Feeney

Multimedia Producers
Renee Feltz
Caitlin Thompson

Associate Producers
Sandrine Magloire-Szlasa
Natasha Yefimov

Production Assistant / Researchers
Jessie Beauchaine
Jennifer Jo Janisch
Lena Shemel
Ben Travers

Research & Development
Mica McCarthy
Margarita Dragon
Davina Wilner
William Fenn

For Fork Films
Celine Justice
Juli Kobiyashi
Angie Wang

Production Interns
Ann Chang
Charlotte Hauser
Blair Hickman
Dan Pleck
Sevita Qarshi
Paula Neudorf
Anna Sussman
Rachel Taylor

Series Advisors
Kathi Austin
Helen Benedict
Stephen Lewis
Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini
Kavita Ramdas
Mary Robinson
Patricia Viseur Sellers
Paul van Zyl

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

On-Air Promotion
Rob Issen
Jed Parker
Jon Berman

Jessica Bohrer
Robert Feinberg

Director of Publicity
Roberta Lee

Lindsey Bernstein
Donna Williams

Executive in Charge for WNET
Stephen Segaller

Executive Producers
Abigail E. Disney
Pamela Hogan
Gini Reticker


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