Learn More About Colombia

June 9, 2010

These additional online resources can help you learn more about Colombia and how women there are working for peace.


CIA World Factbook: Colombia
Details on population, economic indicators, trade, and crime in Colombia.

BBC News Country Profile: Colombia
Information on Colombia’s politics and history, with links to the BBC’s archive of stories on the country.

Casa de Nariño
The Colombian president’s official website (English version).


Preparing for Peace: The Critical Role of Women in Colombia
Report by Women Waging Peace on a 2004 collaboration between Colombian women peace builders and experts to develop recommendations for policymakers to include women in their attempts to bring stability and security to the country.

In the Midst of War: Women’s Contributions to Peace in Colombia
The Institute for Inclusive Security’s assessment of the critical work of women at the local, regional, and national levels to mitigate the effects of continued violence on their communities, mobilize for renewed dialogues, and prepare for the next cycle of peace in Colombia.

Displaced Women and Girls in Colombia
The Association for Women’s Rights in Development interviews Patricia Guerrero from the Liga de Mujeres Desplazadas (League of Displaced Women) in Colombia about her work.


Colombia’s Indians Face Worsening Human Rights Situation
A February 2010 Reuters News Alert on how many of Colombia’s indigenous people are at risk of disappearing unless the government does more to protect them from increasing abuses that have forced thousands to flee their homes.

Paramilitaries’ Heirs: The New Face of Violence in Colombia
A Human Rights Watch report on widespread and serious abuses by successor groups to the paramilitary coalition known as the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia.

Dominion of Evil
This Amnesty International report examines how Colombia’s paramilitary demobilization is unearthing the staggering magnitude of paramilitary terror.


United Nations Refugee Agency Profile: Colombia
Information about forced displacement in Colombia, where by mid-2009 the number of officially registered internally displaced persons rose to more than three million.

Colombia: Displaced and Discarded
A Human Rights Watch report on the plight of internally displaced persons in Bogotá and Cartagena.

Protection for Displaced Women in Colombia
Article about a ruling by Colombia’s Constitutional Court that orders the government to protect displaced women and prioritize them for access to emergency humanitarian assistance.