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The Enough Project


About the Enough Project

The Enough Project is helping to build a permanent constituency to prevent genocide and crimes against humanity.  Co-founded by Africa experts Gayle Smith and John Prendergast, Enough launched in early 2007 as a project of the Center for American Progress.

Enough conducts intensive field research in countries plagued by genocide and crimes against humanity, develops practical policies to address these crises, and shares sensible tools to help empower citizens and groups working for change. Our initial work has focused on grave challenges in a number of African countries: Sudan, eastern Congo, northern Uganda, Somalia, Chad and Zimbabwe.

Ongoing projects and campaigns

Darfur Dream Team –

The Darfur Dream Team is a dynamic partnership of organizations and professional basketball players working together on the Sister Schools Program, an initiative to connect American middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities with sister schools in 12 refugee camps in eastern Chad.

The objectives of this campaign are: (1) to provide a quality education to every refugee child from Darfur; and, (2) to develop connections between students from Darfur and the United States and promote mutual understanding.  This is accomplished through the use of video technology to link the schools, social networking, and innovative fundraising initiatives that help create this link and give students a personal connection to a crisis which is too often summarized by numbers and statistics.

Raise Hope for Congo / Conflict Minerals

Since 1996, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has played host to the world’s deadliest conflict since World War II. Today, eastern Congo is caught in an epidemic of appalling sexual violence, as militias use rape as a military tactic to destroy communities and exert control over natural resources.

The Raise Hope for Congo campaign aims to bring awareness and relief to this crisis by highlighting the link between our demand for electronics products which contain minerals from Congo and the violence that is fueled by a multi-million dollar trade in these resources profiting human rights abusers.  Using the very technology which contain the 3 T’s of tin, tantalum, tungsten, as well as gold, Enough is leading a campaign to raise awareness and influence consumer electronics companies like Apple, Dell, Sony, and others to clean up their supply chains and stop the trade in “conflict minerals”.

Sudan Now

Formed by a diverse coalition of organizations working to address the crisis, SudanNow has used a range of innovative and unconventional paid media ads as well as targeted online activism and social networking to successfully put pressure on elected government officials to address the issue.

  • Mary Stephens

    I am watching the gentleman from The Enough Project along with George Clooney on the Larry King show tonight. They are discussing the terrible conditions in Sudan. I would like to respond to George’s request that we send a message of support in providing the necessary help needed in this and other countries with suffering citizens.

    I tried to do as they asked to use Twitter and post a message there. I could not get in (apparently, Twitter has been having technical difficulties). Please use my response in whatever way you can (for example, forwarding it on to President Obama and/or others).

    I recognize the need for immediate action and hope that my one voice, sent along with so many others, will propel our country to do the right thing for those suffering. Thank you.

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