Biography: Timothy Kendall

Timothy Kendall, a fellow at Harvard University's W.E.B. Du Bois Institute and an expert in Nubian Studies, has conducted numerous archaeological expeditions of ancient sites in Egypt and the Sudan.

He has served as associate curator of the Department of Egyptian and Near Eastern Art at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, and developed the "Kush: Lost Kingdom of the Nile" exhibition for the Brockton Museum. Dr. Kendall has authored many articles and books on ancient Nubian archaeology and culture and contributed to the catalog of the international exhibition "Sudan: Ancient Kingdoms of the Nile." His present research is exclusively devoted to Nubian and Sudanese archaeology and history, and to improving relations between the United States and Sudan.

Dr. Kendall is vice president of the International Society of Nubian Studies, chairman of the organizing committee of a proposed American Center for Sudan Research in Khartoum, Sudan, and a member of the Sudan Archaeological Mission of the University of Rome.

Prior to earning his doctorate from Brandeis University in Mediterranean Studies in 1974, Dr. Kendall earned his his M.A. in Ancient Near Eastern History and Language from the University of Chicago and studied Classical Archaeology as an undergraduate at Oberlin College.

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