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Photo: young womanEvery culture has its own special identity, demonstrated through its music, clothing, religion, food and social customs. Throughout our African journey, we'll take a closer look at the rich and unique traditions of the people in the areas Gates visits. Enjoy these cultural highlights by selecting an episode below, or by selecting a specific culture from the map at right.

Black Kingdoms of the Nile
Traditional Nubian Wedding
  The Swahili Coast
    About the Swahili Language
Learn to Speak Swahili
Swahili Poetry
  Slave Kingdoms
    Gbeto Female Warriors
Kente Cloth
  The Holy Land
    Significance of Crosses in Ethiopia
Timkat Festival
  Road to Timbuktu
  Lost Cities of the South
    South African Cuisine


Gbeto Female Warriors Griots Kente Cloth Mehndi Traditional Nubian Wedding Significance of Crosses in Ethiopia Timkat Festival About the Swahili Language Swahili Poetry South African Cuisine