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The Swahili Coast, an 1,800-mile stretch of Kenyan and Tanzanian coastline, has been the site of cultural and commercial exchanges between East Africa and the outside world - particularly the Middle East, Asia, and Europe - since at least the 2nd century A.D. (Continue...)

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Photo: view from the coast Wonders
Historic Gedi, the Swahili People, and the island of Zanzibar
Photo: Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Gates' Diary
Henry Louis Gates asks, "Who are the Swahili people?"
Photo: two men Retelling
The Swahili identity -- a unique blend of Arab and African cultures
Photo: young boy Culture Close-up
Swahili language and poetry: learn to speak Swahili with our audio tutorial!


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Wa Winjigo Ero
Ayub Ogada is one of the finest UK-based African musicians exploring the traditional culture of his people, the Luo, in Kenya. Buy the Wonders of the African World music CD in ShopPBS!

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