Road to Timbuktu



Gate's Diary

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Retelling the Story

What is Africa to Me

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Uncovering an African Scholarly Heritage

It is perhaps surprising that a place as comparatively close to Europe as West Africa should remain more or less unknown long after the colonization of the Americas. Indeed, it was not until 1828 that the first European saw Timbuktu and lived to tell the tale. (Continue...)

Focus on...
Photo: mosque Wonders
Ghana and Mali empires, the Great Mosques of Djenne and Sankore, the ancient city of Jenne-jeno
Photo: stacked books Gates' Diary
Gates recounts his visit to Dogon and reflects on the discovery of ancient manuscripts
Photo: male portrait Retelling
Modern-day slavery and Ancient African intellectual achievement at Timbuktu
Photo: Griot performer Culture Close-up
The oral tradition of the Griots


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