In Central Africa, on the road to Timbuktu, you will find one of the great architectural wonders of Africa: the Great Mosque of Djenne. Do you know what it was made with? Mud!

Like the people who made the Mosque, you too can make some great things with simple stuff you have nearby. Like me! I may not be a wonder of the world — but I'm fun to have around. Here's how you can make your very own Anansi...

Small paper cup
Felt-tip markers
Pipe cleaners

Yarn or string
Two popsicle sticks

Turn the cup upside-down — this will be my body. If your cup is tall, you might want to use scissors to cut it shorter.

(You can also use an egg carton if you would like to make a smaller version of me. Cut one egg cup out of the carton and turn it upside-down).

Using markers, color my face and body any way you want!

The pipe cleaners will be my legs. Cut them a bit longer than the length you would like them to be. Poke 8 pipe cleaners into the side, near the bottom of the cup — 4 on each side. Reach into the cup and bend the end of each pipe cleaner towards the top of the cup. This will help hold my legs into place. Once you have attached all of the legs, you have your own Anansi! That's me!

Other ideas:

Make Me Dance!

You can make your Anansi into a marionette (a puppet that you guide on strings). Cut four holes around the edge of body, near the top — one just above my face, one in the back, and one on each side. Cut two long pieces of yarn or string that are the same length. Run one piece of string through the two side holes and tie each end above me to opposite ends of a popsicle stick. Run the other piece through the front and back holes and tie those ends to the other stick. Look inside the cup; these strings should cross to make an X. You should be able to cross the popsicle sticks into an X. Glue the sticks together at the cross of the X.

After the glue is dry, put me on the floor and hold the popsicle X above it. You should be able to make me move by lifting each edge of the X.

Create a Spider Web for me to hang around on!

You can make a spider web for me by twisting pipe cleaners together, or by cutting yarn into pieces and tying them together in a web shape. I can stand on the web if you bend the edges of my pipe cleaner legs over strands of the web.

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