Great Zimbabwe
The word zimbabwe means "stone building" in the Shona language. Great Zimbabwe was built by the Shona people over the course of 400 years, and at its height in the 13th century, its capital was home to as many as 18,000 people!

You found a Lost City — Great Zimbabwe!

It was built by the powerful and majestic Shona people, and thousands of people lived here. (Probably thousands of spiders, too!). Because they had plenty of food from raising cattle and farming, the Shona community thrived for hundreds of years.

In the language of the Shona people, the word zimbabwe means "stone building". Great Zimbabwe is a famous stone walled enclosure on the Zimbabwean plateau. Many people lived and worked in this zimbabwe for hundreds of years. Even after most of its people moved away, it remained a religious shrine until the 19th century.

It's highest point is a stone fortress that has an amazing view of the grasslands around it.

OK. The map says spiders have to be extra careful as we get closer to the next piece of the Calabash...