Ashanti Kente Cloth
Ashanti kings, queens, and important figures of state in Ghana have worn kente cloth for special occasions since the 12th century. Today, many people see kente cloth as an important symbol of African culture.

We're in Ghana, the home of the Ashanti Golden Stool!

According to legend, in the early 1600's it descended from heaven in a cloud of white dust and landed in the lap of the first Ashanti king, Osei Tutu.

After it landed, the king's priest proclaimed that the strength and unity of the Ashanti people depended on the safety of the Golden Stool. It is a sacred symbol of the Ashanti nation.

By the early 19th century the Ashanti nation prospered and its culture flourished. They became famous for gold and brass craftsmanship, wood carving, furniture, and brightly colored woven cloth, called kente.

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