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Retelling the Story

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In view of the present world catastrope, I want to recall the history of Africa. I want to retell its story so far as distorted science has not concealed and lost it.

W.E.B. DuBois wrote these words nearly a century ago, but they still resonate today. We've asked scholars to retell the story of African history and culture to debunk the myths and reveal the misperceptions that Western people have about Africa. Today, the rich history of the continent is being rediscovered by the rest of the world.

I want to appeal to the past in order to explain the present... So now I ask you to turn with me back five thousand years and more and ask, what is Africa and who are Negroes? -- DuBois, The World and Africa

Myths and Legends
Is the Ark of the Covenant at Aksum?
Roderick Grierson on the Ark at Aksum

History as Propaganda
History as Propaganda in South Africa in Zimbabwe
Sophiso Ndolovo on Apartheid and History
Racism and the Rediscovery of Ancient Nubia

Black Identity in Africa
Who Are the Swahili People?
Sheik Badawi on Swahili Identity
Mombasa Man on Swahili Identity
Isra Dahab on Nubian Culture

Slavery and the Slave Trade
Poku on Ashanti Role in Slave Trade
Martine de Souza, Descendant of Slave Trader
Modern-Day Slavery
Ummi Hammid, Descendant of Slave Trader

African-American Perspectives
Richard Wright: Black Power
Louis Farrakhan on Ethiopia's Significance to African Americans
Renee Kemp: An Apology in Ghana
Eddy L. Harris: Native Stranger
Raoul Dennis: A Son Warms and Sets on African Soil

African Daily Life
Growing Up in Kumasi

Western Stereotypes
Sidi on Ancient University at Sankore Mosque
Sidi on Ancient Manuscripts