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What is Africa to Me

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The Dark Continent… wildlife safaris… apartheid… starvation… Our first impressions of Africa are often formed by news stories, adventure movies, or magazine photos. But Africa — the real Africa — is a land of rich cultures and ancient civilizations unknown to many in the Western world.

Share Your Thoughts. What does Africa mean to you? What does it mean to be African-American? What does Africa mean to the world? Do any of the African wonders strike an emotional chord? We invite you to submit a brief essay, a letter, a poem — whatever you feel can best express the place Africa has in your heart and in your life.

Online Contributors

"I see my very past and future in front of me, as if I'm standing in front of a mirror. The presence of Africa stirs emotions of a rich past and a future in doubt..." -- Michael Daniels (more...)

One three centuries removed
From the scenes his fathers loved,
Spicy grove, cinnamon tree,
What is Africa to me?
-- Countee Cullen, "Heritage"

Special Contributors

We asked a few familiar faces to share their views on Africa: