Comb-Back Windsor Chair

Comb-Back Windsor Chair Starting with a hickory log and a pine plank, we split, turn, bend
and hew them into an American Windsor chair. The easiest way to
proceed is to locate a windsor chair that you admire and copy it
piece by piece.

Begin by splitting and shaving the stock from the hickory log.

Start with the arm rail and crest rail, shaving them and bending them
while they are still green.

Next, split and shave the spindles.

Saw or split the seat blank from a pine log and hollow out the
interior to a shape to match your own contours.

Turn the legs, stretchers, and arm posts on the lathe.

Begin assembly by boring the angled holes for the legs through the

Tap in the legs and bore between them to take the stretchers, fitting
in the side stretchers first and then boring between them to fit in
the medial stretcher.

Bore into the seat to insert the arm posts.

Pace off the fifteen hole locations for the spindles along the rail
and seat.

Bore through the rail and into the seat, inserting the spindles as
you go.

Finally, saw and carve the crest rail to shape.

Pace off the holes for the spindles on its bottom and wiggle them
into place.

 Permission of The University of North Carolina Press 

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