Candle Stand and the Sliding Dovetail
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The Woodwright's Companion: Exploring Traditional Woodcraft By Roy Underhill

Without a Lathe

Lay out a hexagonal column with a pair of dividersLay out a hexagonal column with a pair of dividers You don't have to have a lathe to make this sort of stand. The pedestal can be shaped with planes or shaves to a polygon and the top cut out with saws. You usually do better by being honestly angular and not trying to imitate lathe work with shaving. For a three-legged stand you can shape the pedestal to a hexagon, easily done with the aid of dividers. On the end grain of the base of the pedestal blank, describe about a 3-inchdiameter circle. Now without changing the setting on the dividers, pace off around the circumference of the circle in six perfect steps. Plane flat away to lines connecting these points in a graceful arcing taper up to the square tenon cut to hold the top and block. The legs are joined to alternate facets of the hexagon with sliding dovetails just as on the turned version. Lay out a hexagonal column with a pair of dividers. 




"The Woodwright's Companion: Exploring Traditional Woodcraft" By Roy Underhill
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