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A Practical Guide to Traditional Woodcraft By Roy Underhill

Hook-and-Eye Splices


Hook-and-eye splices are a bit more trouble, but when cleanly done, they look so neat that you could have them on the top side of the seat as well. The hook is easy to cut with a sharp knife.


To make the eye> double over the new split about 2 inches from the end and slice it open across the grain.


A better name for this splice is "lock and key," Once you ham made the round opening, finish the keyhole shape of the eye by tearing out a small strip and cutting it off with your knife.


Put the key into the lock (or the hook into the eye).


Arrange each splice so that the free ends will be on the "inside'' of the seat.


"The Woodwright's Companion: Exploring Traditional Woodcraft" By Roy Underhill
© 2012 The University of North Carolina Press

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