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Stocking Your Tool Chest

The tools in the images below are by no means exhaustive, however, they should be enough to get you through the easier projects you want to undertake. While woodworking can be a vocation, it should also be a passion. That love can serve you well as you face the inevitable difficulties that life can present.


Safety First

Please remember that woodworking can be dangerous if you do not take some precautions. Always wear gloves; gouges and saws are sharp and skin will not provide a lot of protection. Remember your goggles; splinters and sawdust can really fly when you start working hard. Always read instructions thoroughly before you begin; you want to have all your necessary tools and materials easily at hand. Pay close attention to any special precautions your materials require; varnishes and paints, for example, require well-ventilated areas.


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 grain, cross. end & long half-laphacksaw 
grain, cross, end & longhalf-laphacksaw
hatchet  holdfast lathe, springpole
hatchetholdfastlathe, springpole
 lathe, treadle morticeogee 
lathe, treadlemorticeogee
 parting toolplane, dado  plane, jack
parting toolplane, dadoplane, jack
 plane, jointer plane, plowplane, router 
plane, jointerplane, plowplane, router
 rabbet and rabbet plane ripsaw saw, coping
rabbet & rabbet planeripsawsaw, coping
saw, crosscut saw, turning seasoning 
saw, crosscutsaw, turningseasoning
shaving horse  spokeshavesquare, framing 
shaving horsespokeshavesquare, framing
 square, trystile tenon 
 square, trystile tenon
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