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Petition for a Tree Substitute

OK, please stop calling the hide-glue manufacturers and demanding cruelty-free hide glue. The post on liposuction glue was a joke. I have received a couple of angry e-mails from industry representa...

The History of Wood, Part 20

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A Petition for Cruelty-free Hide Glue

Last weekend while lecturing about hide glue to the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association, one of the members mentioned a disadvantage of my favorite adhesive that I’d never considered. “I bet the...

Question About ‘The Book of Plates’

Jason writes: I have a question for you about your announcement of “The Book of Plates.” I have already purchased the first installment that Lost Art Press has published on marquetry, a...

Install a Half-mortise Chest Lock

Last weekend at the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association I didn’t have time to install the chest lock on the campaign-style officer’s trunk I built for the organization’s fall seminar. And so I p...

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