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"Abercrombie & Wrench" - Producer's Notes

When a glitzy franchise garage down the street filled with hunky mechanics gives them serious competition, our guys' idea is to go Disco!
DIRECTOR'S NOTES: This show was one of the first we put into production, so we learned a lot about the dynamics of the show as we went along. Being someone who came of age in the 1970's, I had to coach our colorist on the type of clothes we wore in the Disco era - "The colors don't clash enough! They're too tasteful! Make them more gaudy!"

For our version of the Car Talk bluegrass theme song Brave Combo called in a wonderful brother-sister duo named Nick & Bonnie Norris on banjo & fiddle.

The old professor is voiced by veteran actor Tom Aldredge, a five-time Tony Award nominee and Emmy award winner.

The host of our Antiques Roadkill Show was voiced by the versatile Paul Christie, who used to do Louie the Lizard in the Budweiser commercials. Brave Combo did such a great job doing a variation on the opening theme that I can't help hearing it whenever I watch the real show!
FOCUS ON: CARL FINCH - Music Composer. Carl started Brave Combo in 1979 and since then recorded a number of albums, won a Grammy, appeared on the Simpsons and worked with musicians from David Byrne to Tiny Tim!

QUESTION: What was it like making music to suit Click & Clack?

CARL: First of all, when composing for maximum impact, whatever the mood, one tends to lean toward making the key musical selections as "in-your-face" as possible. One great way to achieve this is through the exploration of myriad textures through variety in instrument sounds. That said, there's almost not enough space to list all the different instruments we've used to achieve our goal. Pan flutes, real fuzzy guitar, tablas, pots, pans, horns and drums of various shapes and sizes, banjos, timpani, altered voices and lots of cheesy keyboard noises have been employed to full-effect. In some ways we just read Tom's script notes, apply the typical Brave Combo approach, which is to not forget the kitchen sink, and do what made sense to us. Hope it makes sense to you, too.

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