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"Gotcha!" - Producer's Notes

This show explores Click and Clack's love of a good practical joke, and how it's improper use can at times cause calamity, but other times kindle romance.
DIRECTOR'S NOTES: The first caller is Kelli O'Hara, who is the voice of Beth, but this time she speaks in her native North Dallas accent. She ends her call with the phrase "Well good deal!", a phrase common in her part of Texas.
FOCUS ON: FLOYD NORMAN - Storyboard Artist. No newcomer to the animation business, Floyd Norman has worked on several feature films for Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. His credits include directing educational films, storyboarding, scripting television shows, and writing children's books.

One of the many highlights of Floyd's long career was participating in story development on "The Jungle Book." This gave the young story artist the opportunity to work with Walt Disney on what turned out to be The Old Maestro's final motion picture.

QUESTION: How is doing this show different from doing some of the famous Disney films you worked on in the past?

FLOYD: Having had the opportunity to do feature films and television, I haven't found that much of a difference when it comes to crafting the story. Of course, each medium has its own demands, but telling an effective story requires the same skills. Without those necessary elements the film will fail regardless of the medium.

QUESTION: How do you work into your characters, your lead characters?

FLOYD: Good characters have to live. They have to be believable especially to the writer if they're ever going to be believable to the audience. I truly have to get to know my characters. Having been a long-time fan of Click and Clack on their PBS radio show, I was on board pretty quickly.

QUESTION: What is the hardest part to creating an effective storyboard?

FLOYD: There is no hard part or easy part. You simply do it until you get it right - or until the money runs out.