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"Outsourcing" - Producer's Notes

Click & Clack, rushing in where wise men fear to tread, take on the controversial subject of job outsourcing. Once they outsource themselves, they discover their replacements are better mechanics than they are! We do our best to set back U.S. foreign relations 100 years!
DIRECTOR'S NOTES: In this show our Indian businessman Yagdesh is voiced by noted actor Manu Narayan. Manu has recently created a sensation as Rajneesh in Mike Myer's film "The Love Guru."

The man doing the impression of Garrison Keilor is Garrison Keilor.
FOCUS ON: KELLI O'HARA - The Voice of Beth. Kelli is currently starring in the hit Broadway revival of Rogers & Hammerstein's "South Pacific."

QUESTION: Being so well known on the Broadway stage, what is it like to create a new character in a closed studio just using your voice?

KELLI: Creating a character behind closed doors, without the concern of a "certain look" or "stereotype" is the best thing EVER! I mean, tell an actress it doesn't matter what she looks like, that she doesn't need to go on a diet, etc, and it's like you've told her she can eat chocolate until she bursts and have no repercussions. HA!

All kidding (sort of) aside, I have had a great time creating the character of Beth for so many reasons. She's very different from me in many ways, but at the same time, I found a lot of my own spunk through her. The challenges she gave me were the sources of the fun. She's uptight, insecure and ambitious while being incredibly full of heart. She's young and completely out of place. She's silly. I like Beth. Therefore, I am very proud to give her a voice.