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"Zuzu vs. Fidel" - Producer's Notes

The Garage goes to the dogs as Clack becomes convinced that their own Zuzu can be trained to diagnose cars. A crazy daytime talk show host seeking to restore her sagging ratings moves in, and madness ensues!
DIRECTOR'S NOTES: The Dog Whisperer is voiced by Manu Narayan, who also did Yagdesh in "Outsourcing", and is in the Mike Myer's film "The Love Guru." Fidel's mother is voiced by Juan Hernandez, who also does Fidel.

"My little cuckoosito" is a Cuban term of endearment.

Many people wonder where we got Stash from. The immigrant mechanic from Coleslawvania is in part based on my own Uncle Stanley, who we in my family called Uncle Stashu or Stash. Stash was a big, bald, Polish-American truck driver who became the union shop steward by beating up his predecessor with an axe handle. He was a connoisseur of polka music and always gave us kids a dollar whenever he saw us. Big, rough, but soft spoken, we all loved him.
FOCUS ON: HOWARD GROSSMAN - Executive Producer. Howard is a long-time producer and OawvInRaf4 executive whose credits include Sam Shepard's play "True West", the first nationally produced battle of the bands, "American Rock" at NBC, and the Beach Boys megaconcert at the Washington, D.C. Mall.

QUESTION: Who first conceived of a show based on the Car Talk radio show? Why was the choice made to use animation?

HOWARD: Having been a fan of Car Talk for years I always had the thought that Tom & Ray Magliozzi would be great in a TV series. Their voices are "one-of-a-kind" and I always found myself visualizing their callers and their response to callers in an abstract way. Then, once while listening to the radio show, I heard one of their favorite sayings, "we're faces made for radio!" Well, the light bulb went off. I knew animation was only way to go. When I first approached the guys in 2001 about the possibility of doing an animated TV series, they told me, "we've always pictured ourselves as animated characters" and here we are, 8 years later.