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Wall $treet Week with FORTUNE


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Web Resources for Investors

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Investing in dot-coms may be passť, but using dot-com tools is standard practice these days for traders and investors. The market doldrums of recent years notwithstanding, there has never been a better time to take charge of your own investments, because the Internet has turned into the single greatest (and thus most dangerous) resource ever available to investors.

Unfortunately, like every other field of knowledge, there's so much financial data available online that it's impossible to keep track of everything, and extremely difficult to find every gem of a site in the information wasteland (like we said, dangerous). Fortunately, there are gems out there, and Wall $treet Week with FORTUNE has tried to sift through the detritus to find some of them.

Our tally is far from comprehensive, but the each of the sites we list are comprehensive for their respective categories. They're reasonably easy to navigate, and most of them put lots of material on their front page so users don't have to hunt too long to find what they need.

New investors should keep in mind that no one has a magic investing bullet, so don't rely too much on a single site. You won't get rich simply by following the stock picks of any Web site or magazine, although such laziness can make you poor very quickly.

And if you lack the time and/or wherewithal to do your own research, find a professional to do your investing. Of course, that takes research too.

We're under no illusions about the completeness of our own list; this is just a guide to some useful and interesting places. Most of them are free, at least for basic uses.

You may notice that many of our picks are also cited as top choices by other sites. What can we say? Sometimes, there is such a thing as consensus.

Veteran market watchers usually have their own favorite bookmarks with a wealth of data about specific topics. Please let us know what we've overlooked.

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