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The All American Rejects and Fountains of Wayne
The All American Rejects and Fountains of Wayne performing
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Premieres July, 2006

This concert premieres on PBS July 20, 2006 (check local listings)

Power pop is arguably one of America’s greatest gifts and Fountains of Wayne and The All-American Rejects are champions of the genre. Fountains of Wayne had its genesis long before the band made waves across the charts with the wonderfully catchy and hilariously MILF-themed “Stacy’s Mom.” Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood, the singer-songwriting duo who comprise Fountains of Wayne, began collaborating while in college in 1986, but the duo went separate ways before reacquainting in 1996 to form Fountains of Wayne. The All-American Rejects – Tyson Ritter, Nick Wheeler, Mike Kennerty and Chris Gaylor – made its mark in 2002 with a memorable self-titled debut, which houses the buoyant hit “Swing Swing.” The All-American Rejects rev high with big, loud guitars and anthemic choruses.

Catch the rocking All-American Rejects wave with “Dirty Little Secret,” “Swing Swing” and “The Last Song” on Soundstage. Fountains of Wayne’s set spans the group’s material, proving Fountains of Wayne’s penchant for great hooks and inspired pop married with a good dose of humor. From the sunny bounce of “Hey Julie” to songs from the group’s debut, like “Sick Day,” Fountains of Wayne’s performance coupled with The All-American Rejects is like a feel-good summer trip on a sunny highway – windows down, great pop blaring and not a care in the world.