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America performing
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Premieres August, 2005

This concert premieres on PBS August 18, 2005 (check local listings)

The early-‘70s light folk sound that became popular in America was defined by the very band that shared a name with the country that embraced them. America ruled the Top 10 charts of that era, with their evocative harmonies and acoustic-styled musicianship. With their reflective, peaceful sounds, America’s songs and albums shot up the charts and landed in the hearts and welcoming ears of the country.

Their popularity began with their first single, “A Horse with No Name,” from their eponymous 1972 debut. From there the hits kept coming, with classics like “I Need You,” “Ventura Highway,” “Tin Man,” “Lonely People" and “Sister Golden Hair” dominating the charts through the mid-‘70s. Their success continued on, returning to the charts in 1982 with the Top 10 contemporary, synthesized pop-driven hit, “You Can Do Magic.”

America’s Soundstage performance highlights the aforementioned greatest hits, along with some surprise guests. Famed album photographer/banjo session musician Henry Diltz joins in for “Don’t Cross the River,” and Christopher Cross makes a special appearance during “Lonely People.”