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Chris Isaak
Chris Isaak performing
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Premieres September, 2005

This concert premieres on PBS September 1, 2005 (check local listings)

With his sexy good looks and his endearingly shy yet flirtatious demeanor, Chris Isaak (who is also known for his many acting roles) knows how to woo his fans. With his reverb-drenched rockabilly and country songs, Isaak’s penchant for heartbreaking lyrics and haunting melodies embrace the ‘50s and ‘60s sound while stylizing it for contemporary audiences.

Isaak graces Soundstage with a compelling set that spans his early years on through the new millennium. The performance launches with “Dancin’ ” from his debut. Other gems include the breakthrough, mesmerizing hit, “Wicked Game” and “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing.” As a special treat, he strips down six songs, adding an acoustic element to his very memorable performance.